I honestly have the oddest most real dreams..  

softnlush 53F
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5/7/2006 5:25 pm

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5/10/2006 6:20 pm

I honestly have the oddest most real dreams..

OK..I got my new car finally..when I went home from Blu's place I pretty much was ready for bed..I was chatting with friends on line and I just needed to lie down..and this is what I get for it..

1st dream)In my car with FWB and 2 other people,and he is driving,and all of a sudden he says he is having trouble seeing and we come thisclose to crashing my car..the cops come,give everyone a breathalizer and I am the only one sober..so the cop asks me why wasn't I driving..and I looked at him and said very seriously "I am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder due to my accident" he says..ok and sends everyone home ..this time I drive..I wake up..sweating look outside there is my car..lol

2nd dream)I am with Blu and a one other close female friend will call her Tauruschick..we go to the house of Tauruschick and both she and Blu have me waiting and waiting and waiting and I realize..hey I have my own car..and I say,listen..I will just wait in the car..maybe take a spin,call the cell when you are ready..I go outside and my car is gone..stolen and I am
looking for a cop..I wake myself up,look outside there is my car..lol

3rd dream)I am at the pleasure palace which also doubles for an apartment building..how did we get there? I drove Blu,and a few others that needed a ride..I park and realize that I gave my pass to Cleavis..yep even good ol Cleavis was in this dream..I am looking for him..I see various TASA members who from now on will remain nameless in various deviant activity and enjoying the views I was getting..tho some were troubling..but anyway,I digress..I am looking for Cleavis and someone tells me I have to climb the fireescape to get into the apartment building part..I see my car as I do this,I get to the apartment building I see cleavis..holding the pass..and I snatch it from him and go back to the fireescape and some drag queen dancing in the window sill asks me to dance with him/her and I do,when he/she asked me to dance had a very feminine voice,when I was done dancing and climbing down from the sill he/she whispers in my ear in a very man like voice (I will not name the man but I know his voice anywhere),"thanks for the dance,how about a fuck?"..I kick him out the window!!..he lands on my car..god dammit!!!! and a TASA man consoles me and the music starts up again..it is Closer by NIN and as I grind my ass into his crotch he grows rather large,I reach behind and adjust his umm..thang and the rest of the dream is spent trying to fuck him on my crushed car with the TASA guy (who did not die btw)who landed on it,embedded on the roof of the car..talk about killing the mood..even tho we tried..dammit it we tried LOL..where was cleavis? Still sitting in that building waiting for me to get back so I can give him the pass LOL..sorry hon..and by the way since I knew this was a dream already,I did not need to check on my car LOL

How were YOUR dreams?


rm_Kingcat4U2 65M
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5/8/2006 1:35 pm

Gee, what kind of car could inspire those kinds of dreams? What did you get, a jaguar? Seriously, you've got a lot of mental energy(stress) not to mention emotional energy wrapped up in this. Give it some time and as you become less anxious about your car and driving, you'll just return to your normal kinky dreams minus the car. Best of luck to you!

lifes2short069 48M
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5/9/2006 3:35 pm

So I take it your car was ok when you finally woke up.. remember 3 strikes and your out in baseball . Glad you can have some fun in your dreams, just don't tell me I was the drag queen . I'm glad you got your car finally, and the hebbee geebees about driving will fade; no worries.

take care L2S my friend

rm_JohnMacLaine 50M
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5/10/2006 9:26 am

OK lucious, you are truly obsessed with this driving thing. just remember to relax, be careful and keep both hands on the wheel when driving. Just to be extra safe, always wear tight pants when driving so that you are not tempted to reach in them and play with yourself while in the middle of driving to work

And oh yes, beware of crazy women driving in parking lots



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