Horray The end is near!!  

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6/20/2006 7:30 am

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Horray The end is near!!

Just got back from the therapy doc and he said my leg is not 100% back from the contact rash I seemed to have gotten from the patches they use for the electro therapy..but it looked alot better than last time,keep using the cream..ok..then he said the words I have been wanting to hear..my final is coming up,yep,apparantly when you are being released from treatment,and you have a lawyer,you have to take what is called a final..it is about 2 hrs of doing weird shit with my leg for the docs and he sends the report to the lawyer and the next step begins..getting nothing for my injury LOL.

July 11th,I have to let my boss know about that,because I probably will need that day off,or start late in the day..hopefully I will just get the day..it is a Tuesday,so it should be no great shakes,but I will advise her today of it..then I can bring my car in as well,seems it is pulling to the right a bit and it is a brand new car,should NOT be doing that at this juncture.

I am also late for this meeting,but I called my boss and BS'd a bit that the docs appointment took longer than expected and I will be in by 1130am the latest,she said no prob as they pushed it to noon because a vendor was coming to meet with us in the morning..I missed that,real nice to have vendor meetings when 1/2 your team starts at noon and they are gone by 11am..I like when vendors come,usually they bring decent food and pretty cool prizes..so hopefully someone will add my name to whatever raffle and I may actually win something...yea right!!

Anyway..I have to say something,I do not want anyone to think the friend I had,which did not work out as I hoped is an asshole or anything like that..he is younger,he is adorable and he is very very very good at pleasing..but,the timing thing,the telephone tag,the I am way too busy and the fact that he never stimulated me during off times,and the fact that I really did lose interest was the deciding factor in agreeing to end it before it really really took off,who knows,one day he may call and I may be itchy and I may go for it..I just doubt it is all..he is really a sweetie..and someone is gonna be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy with his talents *wink*.

FWB,well,hmmm..well,he is just awesome..and honestly if he was here more than he was away,I would only be with him..he does everything right..everything..when he is here that is LOL. But he is really busy..this much a know..his job takes him away from the area alot and lots of overseas stuff too,he works for our lovely gov't and his job is what it is,it is his life,his wife,his passion..I am just,well,someone he likes to take it out on *wink*. But we are friends,that much is true..but damn..I love fucking him..I really do *giggles*

Yea,I still have the crush on that other gentleman too,even tho at this point it is totally one sided..but he and I talk pretty frequently..I just think he is yummy..well,I would not know it first hand..but I bet he is realllllllllllllly yummy..but we are friends..good friends,for now that is all it is and that is good.

Ok enough recaps of my life..the fact that therapy is officially over July 11th,makes my day..I really hated it..not so much the actual therapy,but the fact that 3 times a week my day goes from about 9 hrs to about 12 hrs..and usually the days I have therapy are the same days that something goes terribly wrong at work and I am stuck there way past my log out time fixing it..so my days are rather long. So that part being finished is pretty cool.

Anyway..for real..I gots to gooooooo..hope everyone is smilin this lovely sunny awfully warm Tuesday


LovableAscending 59F

6/20/2006 12:28 pm

Sounds like you are doing very well! I know this has been a long haul...congratualations on making it through this rough time.

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