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8/16/2006 5:52 am

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Hello all in Blogland

Today is Hump Day..no no no I did not get humped...per the usual..but I did hear from FWB via my favorite chat messenger thingie and he is still there but he is OK and that makes me feel TONS better..we umm spent most of the chat reminiscing about the last time we saw eachother,purrrrrrrrrrrr and making plans for when we see eachother again..he has not gotten any since the last time we were together and that man is backed up..hehe..I will fix that

Yesterday someone from my team got fired from work..and the rumor mill talking about the reason does not sit well with me as being the truth and I do not have their number to find out what the truth actually is..but it happened during my lunch hour..1/2 hr actually..I came in and she was gone..desk cleared..gone..just like that..does not bode well since she is there for over 5 yrs..something really bad must have happened.

Again with pounding,blinding rain 2 nights in a row..very hard/scary to drive in it especially on the veterans..but made it home in 1 piece.

I started taking multivitamins again,I didn't for a while but noticed that I am getting wayyyy too tired and probably it is because my diet is not great..I do not eat 3 meals a day and sometimes will only eat 1..and getting older is not helping..and since I've been taking them my energy level at work is much better,no more feeling like I can nod off any second.

I had (the operative word here is had)an interest in someone,but the fact is,as cute and nice as he is,unless he starts lighting some fires,I am already bored..I know,mean..but I am all about the follow through..you start something,I warm up..now finish it..if not..well,I lose interest very very quickly..and I am just about there right now..too bad,could have had some sort of potential for at least an orgasm or 2..oh well..as I said,I think Florida men are missing a brain cell or 2,it is probably due to the heat of the summer..makes people stoopid (to use the word as spelled by bucfannn),I understand work being busy blah blah..family obligations blah blah..but you want to meet me and perhaps start a lil somethin,somethin with me..well,make an effort,trust me you show me something and you will be very happy at the reaction..if you don't..well,I lose that lustin feelin and rarely if ever have it come back..light the fire and fan the flame,that is your sure ticket to pleasure town (love that movie anchorman hehe)..wanna do me? Show me somethin and that does mean your cock pic lol !!!

Anyway..passed out around 1145p after chatting with some friends..sleep comes very easy once I lay down..and lately I have had uninterrupted sleep which is always a good thing,especially since I have many many issues with insomnia,so it is about 3 weeks now where I sleep without waking..and I am thankful for that much.

Anyway,I know I know..boring..but not much is happening excitement wise,so I apologize..maybe next time..

Enjoy your Hump Day


rm_bucfannn 61M/60F
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8/16/2006 9:53 am

YAY. I'm so glad you heard from FWB, and things are ok. I know how you have been worrying...

Gotta love the word "stooooooopid". It fits a lot, eh?

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