Headache subsides,,and now I am feelin that "itch"  

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7/27/2006 3:27 pm

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Headache subsides,,and now I am feelin that "itch"

My head is less fuzzy..my headache is a dull memory (meaning for the most part it is gone but my right eye still hurts)..and thanks for the meds Blu,much appreciated.

I am sitting here with ton's of images in my head,of him,of us..and I miss him,or do I just miss the friction of sex? Not sure,but I know I miss feeling a cock inside me,blunt enuf?

I am on the fence of what to do about it,I am thinking I need to contact a certain male on my list and just going for it,right now he is MIA,but as soon as I see that familiar name pop up I think I am just gonna go for it,one night,no promises of another,just one night to scratch this itch..why the fuck not? Does that make me what I hate the most? a Slut? a whore? honestly in my case,nope..I rarely if ever "go for it" I always think and think and think and think some more..and usually think my way out of a good orgasm to boot..why not just invite him over and get it taken care of and not care if I call him again or he calls me..who the fuck cares? So yea,when and if I see him..I am gonna ask him to hang out..see where it goes..if I feel him..I will do it,if I don't,no harm no foul..hung out with someone for a change of pace..sex is not necessarily guaranteed..after all,what if he came over and I felt no attraction once in person happened,and vice versa? That happens..and I am the queen of thinking I feel it and once I meet them,well..kinda losing that "lustin" feelin LOL .

But it would be nice to feel that attraction thing,that thing that makes you want to press your bodies together and even more so,wanting to find out if the parts fit nicely..purrrrrrrrrrrr..nothing like 2 people fucking and that feeling of feeling filled up. That is one of the most favorite things,ya know,kissing,touching,teasing,you are throbbing and wet,and he is throbbing and rock hard,and he enters you for the first time..nothing like that first penetration..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I remember the first time FWB and I fucked..I remember it soo clearly..we have already known eachother some time,first few dates just kissing,then a few times..I blew him..cause I just had to,but we never found the privacy for fucking and probably I was more nervous about it that really worrying about where we did it...then it happened..had the entire house to myself and he came over,I lit candles,put on some r&b,and when he came over..well,again..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..we fucked for a couple of hours and I made him cum orally 3 times,he was pretty shocked at how much I obviously loved sucking his cock and I did,I loved it..he was very very pleased that he met me that is for sure *giggles*..I was also amazed that he can recover so quickly ..at age 41 that does not usually happen,but he did very quickly and the size of his load was no different from the first to the last..so yea..I had massive amounts of protein and every time I get the same thing..I think someone mentioned that some porn star is known for that..well I think FWB can put him to shame,for sure.

I am also highly charged when it comes to sex,when I am into my lover totally,I cannot get enough..and if I am able to be with him for hours..I will want to do it for hours over and over..no naps..just water to rehydrate..that is all..but at my age.I am just entering my peak..so I chalk up my drive to that..although honestly,I was this way in my teens,twenties and thirties..but it was not until my very late 30's early 40's that I truly truly understood my sexual wants and desires..sure,I had orgasms..and fun..and lived a few fantasies..but I never really got the whole great phenominal sex until I was older..now,I am spoiled and always want that feeling,that quality of experiences..and except for FWB,I have been sorely disappointed in the males I had since I moved to fla..4 of them to be exact..total and utter disappointments.

So,let us hope this guy and I hook up and it is fun and fulfilling..if it isn't I am saying this for the last time..I give up and will wait for my moments with FWB..he never..EVER disappoints..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sorry for ramblin..I am just a ramblin fool


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