Friends with Benefits  

softnlush 53F
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8/3/2005 2:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Friends with Benefits

I like that term,actually I prefer that term,I hate fuck best friend uses that term and even though it is the same as mine,I like friends with benefits,A fuck buddy to me is someone you just fuck,when bored,horny whatever but there is no substance to it except for fucking. I have had several friends with benefits and they were/are indeed my friends,I shared laughs,drinks,movies,the angsts of their (or my) heart broken,calls just to say hello and calls to ask,can I hang out with ya..nights of passions shared but knowing I can still count on him(and vice versa)if I need a friend to be there for me on a friendship level only..I also have made the fatal error of falling for one of my friends..that was not quite a friends with benefits situation,it was an old friend that for some strange reason took a turn towards love and when he hurt me,well not only did I lose a person I loved so deeply..I also lost a very dear friend..but if he and I went into it as a friends with benefits situation and no hassle of relationship,he and I may still be as close as we were back in the day..and that is sad ..If I had to say I had regrets that one would be the regret I had.

I can say I had maybe 3 long term friends with benefits in my life,I speak to 2 of them rather often and one I did lose touch with because we both broke the rules of friends with benefits (we cared too much and he got too possessive with me) and now I find myself with a friends with benefits but he is not quite the friend I hoped,due to his job and timing we cannot share as true friends do and I hope in time that would change,I would like to share dinners out or hanging out with other people,right now it's at the I got to have you the second I see you stage (which then makes it a fuck buddy sheesh)and then we go our separate ways,but he assures me that will change in time..and I hope it does..cause he is an all around good guy

So that is my thoughts on the term friends with benefits as opposed to fuck buddy. Anyone agree with me? Anyone here actually enjoy a true FWB relationship and how did they turn out,are you still friends..did it change your friendship in a positive or negative way? Let me know

Tone_33756 55M

8/4/2005 6:28 pm

I've never had a "fuck buddy" as you describe.
I'm with ya on the friends with benefits. My last friend with benefits was back in 2001. It was great. I've probably had 3 women who would fall into that category. I've had two women who would more fall into the "girlfriend" thing.
I think being friends and sharing with your friends with benefits is most imortant - I've could never imagine having a shallow or uncaring feelings towards them. At this stage of my life, if I can't like the womans company, in and out of the bedroom, I'd assume pass.
I think if people had more friends with benefits, positive mental health would skyrocket - just think - satisfying sex + a self esteem boost + a real friend
It's a can't miss combo!

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
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8/5/2005 6:52 am

It all depends on perspective. I think (most) women would prefer a friend with benefits, (most) guys probably want a fuck buddy (or 5).

i'm actually looking for a fwb kind of thing..altho finding someone who works all the way around without being needy, annoying or something can be a little complicated but keep looking and eventually you'll stumble on something.

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