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7/15/2006 8:23 am

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Friday at work

OK so I get there early so I can dunk some bosses in the dunk machine that was set one in there..I one again..I go inside I say "why is there no bosses in the dunk machine?"..the machine is broken..........DAMN FOILED AGAIN!!! Muaaahhahhahahah.

We had to write our own account specific lyrics to the tune of Take Me Out To the Ball Game..lame lame lame lame..our team leader loved ours,sent us out the lyrics..I am trying in my head to make it go to the tune...not working for me..but it will be worth it to see our team leader attempt to sing this song in front of our office..should make for a giggle or 2.

Then the team MVP awards are given..yea,no shit..the employee appreciation month is baseball themed..I get a computer generated colorful card that said I got the GRAND SLAM on transactions per hour..which was a no brainer I do triple the transactions of my entire team..Blu calls me a machine cause she knows when I am at work I am completely focused..but I also found out my teammates refer to me as the same..I guess it is cool..they are absolutely amazed that I will be on a call,doing a transaction..get another call transferred and do 2 in 5 minutes..I rarely if ever say..I will call them back..if the call I am on is towards the end..the call coming in is usually just the go ahead on a previous why not take the call? That is the problem with the rest of the team..they do not multi task..and I am queen of multi tasking. Which is why my transactions are tripled everyone else..yes..softnlush can do 2 and even sometimes 3 things at one time..talented I am

Went to Blu's house for a bit,nibbled on some fried chicken she almost kinda burned (good thing I love my stuff well done..well except for that rare or medium)..then headed home..chatted with a new "man of interest"..took a vicodin cause my leg is acting up again..passed out and woke up ooooh at much for doing laundry by 730am ..will try again tomorrow LOL.

Today's plans..NONE made..but open for suggestions..I am gonna prolly head to blu's at some point..get a bite to eat..maybe catch a flick..perhaps convince her to go to this place nearby which is not the funnest place in the world but the bartender makes alabama slammers to die for ..

Did not get my mid year one on one with my Team Leader and she is out till Thursday..but I understand alot of people had very bad reviews based soley on their phone monitors..that does not bode well for me..we have to have a score of 63 to pass..ytd..I am hovering at 55..anyone under 55 is getting counselling (that is the very first step out of 8 for termination)...that does not bode well for me at all..and I feel it is completely UNFAIR that you would have to go to first level leading to termination over a phone monitor that is almost impossible to pass..only 2 people have gotten over 63 and they are what I refer to lovingly as "the stepford travel agents"..they have the brownest noses I ever saw..but I am not under 55 I am hoping they will not send me to counseling..but I am prepared for it..Seasoned agents are getting counselling..that is how serious these phone monitor scores are to the company..grrrrrrrrrrrrr..fucked up in my can you take someone who is there 5+ years,no customer service issues,transactions coming as expected (the average per agent is 1.35 transactions per hour..I do over 3.5) but everyone is in that range,no screw ups,customers not complaining,but because you did not check their email? Or because you forgot to offer a limo service to the airport..or because you did not say their name not less than 2 not more than 3? come on ...I think priorities are a little off,don't ya think??? My problem is..dead air and forgetting to say their name..that is the main issue with me..I feel stupid saying.."so Mr Smith,let me recap your itinerary"..then.."So,Mr Smith is there anything else you need at this time? Well thank you Mr Smith for calling ...... travel and you have a very nice day"..does not exactly roll off the tongue very well..and most of our clients have names you cannot even pronounce..including first names and we are expected to say it 2x at least? COME ON!!!! The whole dead air thing..I am typing I am looking at schedules and I have to remember to small talk..jeez man..give me a break!!!

This phone thing is stopping my promotion..which then stops my raise and transactions ..which means the company is making money off me..should speak for itself,the fact I never got a csi issue,the fact that I have fixed so many agent errors without the customer skipping a beat..should give me this promotion..NOT how many times I stop talking or how many times I say the customers name..for crying out loud COME ON!!!

Well that is all the news that is fit to print in the world of softnlush,hope you got a chuckle

Happy Saturday


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