Friday Rants  

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8/11/2006 6:28 am

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Friday Rants

I have tons of stuff on my mind..some funny..some not so funny..some down right pissy..yes,I woke up too early and in a bad mood..why? Because people just piss me the fuck off!!!

It started last night..does anyone know what directionals are? Seriously,do you have any idea how dangerous you assholes are when you do not use them,especially at night? Here I am driving about 40mph going into a turn lane at mitchell ranch,it seems I am the only person going there and next thing you know,someone on my right hand side(NOT in the turning lane)cuts across me and I nearly rearended them,and that would have been MY fault..then they go and I go and they go maybe 10 miles per hour with their foot on the brake cause their brake lights are on,then they turned on their directional to make a right hand turn..YAY,right? only they are going straight,not a turn in sight that a warning to me,they may turn right at any time? so I approach where I have to make a left hand turn,they still have their right turn signal going and guess what..they make a left..good thing I was paying attention..then they run a red light and nearly got clipped,and I laughed..yes I did!! I made it home without any other incidents..

This morning I realize I have to get gas,I also need to get deodarant..forgot I ran out after there I am sitting at my entrance/exit way as 1,000,000 school buses are taking their sweet time..after 15 mins..yes..15 mins some truck driver took pity on me and actually let me go I smiled,very nice guy..I go get my gas..go to the store..and once again..I am driving home and some asshole without directionals cuts me off..come on people..I use my should just use yours..I cannot read your mind,I do not know if you want to get in my lane or not..I do not know this,if you at least turn them on I can get an idea,unless you are the asshole from last night who turns the wrong one on..

So I go the publix by my house and some weirdo is in the parking lot,he is just sitting there..I thought maybe he was waiting on someone..but no,he is just sitting in his car,he looks kind of odd,his head back and then forward,makes eye contact with me and sort of looks I get out..I see he is fumbling with his pants...EWWWWWW..what the fuck is that all about?? Never mind I do not want to know,obviously I got there after the fact,or about there lol

I walk into publix and it reeks..I mean reeks of garbage and I ask them about it..cause I am dry heaving the smell is sooo bad..and the person who works there said,oh it is the fresh paint..I said to myself,I never smelled paint like that..I actually like the smell of fresh paint..this did not smell like paint..oh well,my senses must be acting up on me.

My birthday is coming 2 weeks actually and still have NO clue where to have my by invitation only party venue..I wanted to do the PP but I was told if I did,my best bud was not into if I want folks from work to come I doubt there is where I would want to do I have to think of something..or let it fall by the wayside like I always do..I do have plans for the day with another buddy,and perhaps someone else from work who wants to go with us and call in sick to do it..maybe I will just give the people I want some notice and see if they would be into going..perhaps I will ask my buddy to ask around..My Crush said..yes I still talk to him at times..he would like to see me on my birthday,but that was when we were talking I am still kinda wanting to go there too..who the fuck knows..maybe we will just go to some watering hole and drink and be merry..I will invite whomever and if they join us,great,if not..oh well..the fact is,the idea of birthdays at the PP are getting kinda boring,I have one more event to attend and more than likely will not renew my membership after that,unless I can be persuaded.

I am now officially a standard member of AdultFriendFinder and not really missing it since I can still blog and take a peak at the TASA board every now and then,I am contemplating rejoining..but the annoyances are still being quite I am gonna hold off a little bit longer..perhaps one day,they will just..stop...nah doubt it LOL.

Tomorrow I have a "date"..not sure it is a date date or just hanging with someone who can just be a friend,will find that out I guess thinks it will not be a "lust" connection..but I have been wrong before..will keep an open mind and just enjoy some time with someone beats sleeping all day,which seems to be the way most of my weekends are working out..I have never in all my years on this earth,been so physically tired as I am since I got this job..I am physically and mentally drained by the time 9pm Friday happens..and all I want to do is sleep..I feel old

No sex stories to share..I have not heard from FWB since he officially left..though I did speak to a friend of his,and no one knows anything,quite top secret..I just hope he is ok..

And what about that terror plot folks? anyone scared shitless? I am..I am not 1000% sure we can breathe any sighs of relief..I have to think if they arrested that many were there and where are they????? I was surprised that not many of my clients called about it..I guess they are so used to air travel that they just roll with,I am just scared shitless and I have to admit to looking at planes as they flew over head and images of them exploding..I am sorry,but after actually watching a plane flying into the 2nd tower of WTC, NOTHING will shock me anymore..

Well that is all the rants for later

Happy Friday


ZZ_Todd 59M

8/11/2006 8:56 am

Take 10 deep breaths (and call me in the morning!) Well, that's what I'd say if I was a doctor!

justlooking7118 106M

8/16/2006 5:23 am

Just remember one thing, you live in Gods waiting room, and some people are more eager to get in than others!
You're in Florida honey, it's a whole different world than it was up north.

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