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7/28/2006 6:43 am
Friday is Friday..not a pay Friday,but the end of the work week..always a nice day to look forward to.

Tomorrow our office is having an event..and I have to be there by 8am..*sighs*..I really wish I did not have to go,but,I committed and I am taking 2 co-workers,so they are relying on me to get them and there ON TIME!!

The only thing that can stop seeing FWB..yep,if he was back I would risk the wrath of my co-workers and stay in bed all day with him..but since that is not happening..I have to do this,it is an office function and it helps,believe it or not,with how you move in this company..they are big on teamwork and things like that,being a team player,if everyone from your team is there and you are not,that is what sticks out.

They have incentives though,free airline tickets,prizes and it is not an all day thing,ends at 1pm,plenty of time to get home and do what I usually do on weekends..which is play catch my errands etc etc.

So tomorrow at 7am I have to be on the road,pick up on gal and then pick up the other and get to the function before 8am to register blah blah.

Other than plans to speak of,maybe see a movie,maybe go out to dinner with friends,maybe get laid ( ha ha )..who the fuck knows..all I know is it is Friday and it is the end of the work week and I like Fridays alot .

My next day off that is planned is My Birthday..but that is a little ways away yet..not sure what I am planning,but I am planning something,for a select few that I hope will join me..I have not really celebrated my birthday in years..(my 30th was my last blown out party)..and this birthday is no milestone,but I made a lot of friends so I would like to have a nice night with them..more on that as it approaches.

Anyway..I know my posts have been less than entertaining lately..sorry about that,but I look at the blogs as being akin to a diary (albeit an open one) and sometimes,we just write for the fuck of it..I try to do my best..but I am losing my inspiration..even my Peter Steele dreams have seem to flown the coop *groans*

Happy Friday


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