Dreams...weird ones  

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2/19/2006 6:20 am

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Dreams...weird ones

OK I must have been delirious in my sleep from this flu/cold whatever that is going on in me..I had several dreams that were so odd and I have NO idea where they came from

Starts off I am a newscaster and I am reporting on a man who got swallowed whole by a giant Manatee..with video and everything..no blood..just this thing sucking him down really slow and the a close up of it burping..

Same dream..I am at a school auditorium and KISS is playing,and the place is crowded but I see 5 empty seats on the floor and I want them..someone passes out a questionaire that Gene Simmons wants filled out and whoever writes the most interesting things,will get one of those 5 seats..needless to say..I did get one of them..the lights go down and Kings X hits the stage..and I am just as excited as if they were KISS..

*wakes up and gets a drink of something*

Next Dream..phone rings..it is a guy..he tells me his name but I cannot make it out..also I am at a party for some person in a house where everyone is having sex..I am trying not to be obvious while talking to the person on my cell..because he is someone I want to get to know better,but my sex partner date is ummm..well..trying to distract me ..the hostess of this party brings out a rolling tray of various chocolate goodies and that distracts me even more than my date and the hottie on the phone...I am wearing my dates shirt and nothing else..with ankle socks and my MaryJane candies..I look cute..

Next Dream..I am with Blu and she and I are planning this huge party at her house..it is going to be quite the party..sex toys everywhere and we are going thru the list..all the men we invite show up..all of them are our exes..we are like..oh friggin wonderful..losers..and decide to just box the shit up and give them as door prizes and send them away..blech

Last dream

I am standing outside my apartment..a certain guy is standing there with me..we want to go inside and go at it like animals..but none of my keys work..I look at him and say..do any of your keys work and he says we can try..he puts his key in my lock and all of a sudden I have an orgasm..I wake up..it is Sunday..I have 1 more day before work..and I am still kind of ill..how much does that suck??

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2/19/2006 10:20 am


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