Dream Lover  

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Dream Lover

She got comfortable in her large bed,it was a beautiful intriquite wrought iron canopy bed with beautiful scarves she hung off it,she blew out the mulberry candly that was on her nightstand and drifted off..

He came to her,she could smell his scent,she felt her moisture as he peeled the comforter from her sleeping body. He crawled into the bed with her,he kissed her cheek,then her lips to rouse her,and arouse her. She moaned softly as his fingers roamed her body softly so softly.

He lowered her sleeping gown from her breasts and grazed them ever so lightly with his fingers,she moaned and arched up and he lowered his lips onto her erect nipple,licking and softly sucking,she ran her fingers thru his hair.

He kissed his way down and removed her panties,he gently spread her legs and saw the wetness of her shaved sex,he ran his fingers between her lower lips and spread her apart slowly,she looks down and almost holds her breathe waiting for that warm mouth to kiss her lower lips. As he softly licked and moaned his pleasure at the taste of her,she bit her own finger not to cry out at that moment. She moved with him,moving to meet every lick,every stroke of his warm thick tongue. He reached around her hips to hold her down so he can savior every drop,he pushes her to edge and moves elsewhere,he wants to build it up,make it last,drive her crazy and give her what she desires.

She clutches her pillows as she gets close to release,she touches and squeezes her own breasts as that moment comes,and with a cry she reaches her peak and looks down as he stays with her,he reaches up and takes her hand,holding it as her spasms subside,he comes up and stands before her.

She sits up and undoes his pants,and removes them,she then removed his boxer briefs and smiles and licks her lips at the sight before her,hard and thick,begging to be touched and she strokes him,then slowly moves her mouth onto him,his fingers now in her hair,pulling it gently but firmly as he moves with her strokes. She feels a throb at his base and he moves her off him slowly,he pushes her down on the bed and moves up onto her,he slowly moves just the tip of his sex into her opening,moving it in and out slowly,giving her a little more with every thrust,she reaches behind him to push him in deeper but he is stronger,he wants to tease her,he will know exactly when it is the time to give her exactly what she wants.

He looks into her eyes and lowers his mouth onto hers,he takes her breathe away,always did,he touches her hair,her face,her breasts,he kisses her lips,her neck..her fingers make small circles on his back,he moans how good she feels around him in her ear,softly breathy.

They move together magically,every thrust feeding their hunger and together with a loud groan they reached their climax,she feels him throb within her as he softly softens and leaves her...he kisses her softly on the lips and said,sleep my love,sleep well..

He is gone,she sits up in her bed,still wearing what she slept in,wondering how this could be? What happened was so real,she could smell him still,she could taste him if she really concentrates,but was it a dream? What happened?

She just shakes it off,accepts it for what it was,someone she conjured up in her deepest fantasies in her deepest of sleep..she hopes he comes again in her dreams,she also hopes he is out there somewhere,dreaming of her as she dreamt of him..

Dream lover,come to me,take me,love me,even if only in my sleep..

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