Constant Cravings ..part Deux  

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8/22/2005 6:04 pm

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3/26/2006 8:15 pm

Constant Cravings ..part Deux

I could not sleep last night..lots of thoughts on my mind..the least of which was starting my new job..what to do? I cannot sleep..I reach over and remember my friend pretty,so pink,8" of power and between BOB and my dirty dirty mind,I remembered another special night..when he tied me up with his Karate belts..blind folded me..and left me at his mercy..first ice,melting on my lips,rubbed against my nipples,trailing down my belly,ending up at my pussy which was so hot it melted it on contact..then a felt something else,not sure if it was the wine bottle,pouring it on me,licking it off,first my breasts..then my pussy..then I felt the knife..I am scared and turned on at the same time,he said "do not move I do not want to cut you" my breathing getting quicker and quicker,I trust him..yet I am worried..I feel the blade trace around my right nipple,then my left..then down my right thigh,then my left,he pushes my legs apart further,the handle of the blade inside me,just a little bit,then I felt the blade "do you trust me?"..I am quiet at first,fighting back tears but not sure why,then I hear the knife click close,and I hear as he places it on a table..he kisses me softly,then deeply taking my breath away..BOB moving in and out as I remember that,easily...he licks gently at my nipples,then nibbles softly,I arch my back for him to do finger working its magic on my clit as I pump BOB harder and deeper inside me..he moves lower,I feel him part my pussy very gently,his hot breath on me,a finger inside,replaced by his lips,a full kiss on my lower mouth,I move up pumping his face,his nose on my clit,his tongue fucking me..BOB is pulled out of me and rubbing my button close..memories of him,long ago,his face covered in me..moving up and kissing me more,I taste myself on him,I feel his hand beating his own cock,he cums on my belly,warm,thick..I cum at these thoughts..I fall gently asleep...memories of him,long ago..craving that feeling again,want it again..not him though,someone else,someone who is far away right now,but when he is back..*wishes and lustful thoughts*

LovableEclectic 59F

9/25/2005 12:25 pm

Holy crimeny I have to change panties!

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