Assorted odd ramblings..  

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9/9/2005 6:47 pm

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Assorted odd ramblings..

Lets see,Friday is here..what a week from hell and I suspect that I am gonna have some issues on Monday. I tried calling work to check on 3 pending reservations and make sure they are ticketed,of course I do not have the after hours number and now I am probably fucked but good..but there is nothing I can do about it now *shudders* is not my fault,I called and called these travellers assistants or the people that approve the travel and no one returned my policy is call twice..but I forgot to document my records so come monday it will be my word against theirs and the customer is always right *cries again*..I was put on phones as you can tell and it was an experience to say the very least..but it is getting better with every by next week I should be a pro again!!

PMSing terribly..I came home from work and there was NO soda..and no sweets..I go to publix,I buy twinkies (PhoenixBlu was mentioning it all week) and cupcakes (Hostess was having buy2 for 5.00),2 tubs of chocolate pudding,12 pack of diet coke (without lime,lemon,or vanilla thank you very much),some patio burritos (LOVE them),a soap opera magazine,and ice tea mix as well as Edy's slow churned light icecream (that shit is great)that was on sale 2 for 6.00... The checkout girl and the woman behind are staring at my cart and I said "can ya tell the week I had?" and the check out girl leans in and says..pms too right? I laughed..I carried off my goodies and could not get back home fast enuf. Now here I am and I ate none of it..but it is good to know I have it.

Oh another thing about work..there is about 500 people working this travel center and there is ton of eye candy for me,tons of hot young hot men and guess what..GAY!! Yes,all of them GAY!! The ones that are not gay are married and they are NOT hot young hot men LOL. Oh well welcome to the world of travel.

PhoenixBlu was browsing her winks and a guy was there that I recognized..I mean met in person just a few weeks ago. I actually approached him at the place she and I go to have a couple of drinks and dance at. One night I just felt moved to approach him and that was that. Now he seems to dig her *oh well what can ya do* even though she and I reminded him about me and yes he did remember. He likes her,but we had a group chat together (laptop puter and his puter) and I think he was hopin to get a freak going on with the 2 of us. We told him we do not play that,but hey what can ya do? Kinda bummed but I will get over it,besides I am thinking I am more bummed about the idea of him rather than what could actually happen had we taken it further that night at the club. Plus I am missing my sex friend really bad and I am worried that he may not even be on this earth anymore .

My Sir and I spoke and he is getting itchy to see me,but there is so much outside stress going on with Phoenix'selling her house and the divorce that I just cannot have him here yet,once we get our own place and I feel it is MINE,I will fly him in..I do miss him so much.

I just feel like I am job and my self,I have a problem with not being in control of my personal surroundings and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I worry that I will be fired,that never ever crossed my mind before I moved to FLA,and I know I have to do a lot worse than what happened with those 3 reservations and it was only my 3rd day actually working the position,but you have to remember I did this for 19yrs and did it perfectly,never received a negative review,never was reprimanded in anyway and never left work without knowing all my things were done because I started my record,worked my record and made sure I issued my this place you do not have that control..there is a department for every part of that reservation so it is about giving up the control. I am sure I will be fine,but things like this,well I just do not like this feeling.

I want to scream right now really..I could..there is no one here to say I cannot..I am totally alone in this house and it is nice.

Tomorrow is dinner at Kobes,I just realized it is a japanese steak house,so now I am like..great LOL I cannot eat that..but I know Phoenix loves it,so I will go with tempura or something. Using a fork for all you chop stick users..I am spastic,cannot do it will not try LOL.

What else..besides feeling uneasy,horny,and pms screaming at me for comfort foods..oh yea,gonna look at our groups threads and see what moves me.

sorry for ramblin,but do not say the title did not warn ya. Now me the love,if you are gonna read me..say somethin to make me feel better ok? LOL buh bye till next time

rm_MisterFrumpy 46M
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9/10/2005 1:52 pm

hang in there..maybe they have some mussels or something

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