Another thing that I noticed...  

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3/5/2006 5:30 am

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Another thing that I noticed...

While reading some of my old posts..the ones from when I first joined TASA..that I started out really just wanting sex and after time,realized that although I still do want sex,I want something more than a phone call saying "hey,watcha doin right now,wanna get together? I am a little backed up...ok see in a few".

I also wrote a post about how I hate to make love..and I think it was just the topic,because I do enjoy making love,I also enjoy being fucked..and I said, "it's ok to be in love and still fuck me"..hmmmmm,I guess what I meant to say was,I like hard and aggressive sex,I rarely cum from a slow comfortable screw..My Sir could do that,but he also went fast during as well as what I am trying to say is,although I do prefer a nice hard fuck and dirty talk most times,there are times when I just want to go slow and enjoy every aspect of it and make it last a bit longer..with the right person,again does not have to be the love of my life,just a man who "gets" what I am all about.

Just wanted to set the record straight is all

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