A nice memory...provoked by an old video..  

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3/11/2006 5:53 pm

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A nice memory...provoked by an old video..

I am going to share a part of myself that was a wild child..a part of me who was a free spirit and went with whatever felt right..within reason of course hehe.

I have always loved rock and roll,I never fell into the disco age,although now in my older years I enjoy the nostalgia of the disco hits of my early pre-teen/teenage years. But I loved rock and roll and the men of rock and roll,long hair,leather pants,singing about things I never really imagined..sex,drugs and of course rock and roll.

My first crush was a boy that lived down the block from me,he was beautiful back then,longish curly hair and he was in a band and I would see his bandmates 2 or 3 times a week head to his house and I would walk past and hear the music come from the closed garage. I was 12 then..too young to fall in love as the song goes. But I was in love as any 12 yr old can be.

As I got older,my love of long haired musicians got worse hehe,I moved with my mom and I saw the boy across the street,who had the most gorgeous head of hair,down to the middle of his back,not a split end,sable brown,he was hot..I was 15 then..he was a guitar player and I would see him everyday heading for band practice,I was introduced to him eventually and would go with friends to see him play..one day we even made out..well we did that a lot for about a year ..no sex..I was a scared virgin then..but we diddled ..a lot.

About a year later I met who would become my first lover,my first live in,my first love..he was 6' long blonde hair and hazel eyes,I met him about a week after ending my make out but no more sessions with the boy above..2 months later we became lovers..and stayed together for 7 yrs..the day he cut his hair,I mourned as if someone had died..it took me a long time to get past it,but we were getting older and he needed to find a real job,we wanted to move in together,so off with his hair..oh well.

When he and I ended,it was a shock to me,not because we ended..being single again..remember I was with 1 person from the age of 16-23..I did not know much of anything about dating and I ran into the boy prior to him..now a man..and well,my first FWB relationship began..he still had long hair and he still was HOT!! We fucked for about a year and then I moved away again..

The reason for this blog is something that just happened..I was flipping through the channels and saw an old rock video of a band called Kings X (see below for one of my fave songs by them),it is a song that does not have many words..Over My Head..is the title and basically it was catchy enough for me to run out and buy their music,first on tape since CD's were rather new and extrememly expensive,and down the line got the CD versions..well,anyway..seeing Kings X reminded me of a time where fate stepped in..I was at my job in NY,I kept a crappy alarm clock radio on my desk and it was a bad day in music then for some reason because nothing was hitting me right. I needed music to get me going and my boss was cool with it as long as I kept it down..anway,I am messing with the dial and I hear..Kings X..and at the end of the song,the DJ made a request "can anyone please answer my phones?? I am dying here" and he announced the numhber and I called "are you serious about the operator thing?" I asked..he said "yes,can I call you tonight at home" and that night he offered me the gig..well,now how the hell am I gonna do this? I work 9-530pm..his hours are thursdays 3-7..so I called my boss at home,explained how I really always wanted to get into the music business on any level,and I really would like to take this opportunity and believe it or not she called me back within the hour and said,go for it..and 1 day a week I got to leave work and head for the station. The DJ was tall,long hair,tatoos..yep,I am gonna like working there,I said to myself.

At first I simply answered the phones,took requests,did the giveaways to the 9th caller or whatever number he picked..and then he and I started getting into some schtick on the air and we really were having a great time..not to mention the perks..seeing shows for free,meeting and interviewing the bands before the show,the after parties..the conventions in Los Angeles..it was an adventure to say the very least...and he even taught me the part of the job he did,working the board,cueing the music,cueing the commercials and had me do it at least 2 or 3 times during interviews where the acts would actually perform for our listeners..that was interesting and something I really should have persued and sorry I didn't...this also began my longest FWB relationship..yes,dear readers, I took my job home with me every week and almost every weekend on and off the entire gig,and for a few years after that ended hehe..I had a long term thing with the DJ..it lasted on and off for 3 or 4 yrs give or take..but the show,although popular,was let go,due to the content,shortly after we did an Interview with Type-O-Negative,they stopped doing the Heavy Metal show..that was depressing,but being the diligent girl I was,I really was not ready to let go of the benefits of working in the business,I made a point of remembering names,places,record labels everything I needed to keep me in the loop so to speak,He did as well,so we still got invited to all the parties and still went to the conventions..it was still good times.

Then I began dabbling in management,with a former roommate who managed 3 acts,I had another band for her to take on,she decided instead to make it a joint project,her and I..well,that did not work out too well,see,well,my love of those long haired bad boys made me less than professional,I simply could not keep my hands off them hehe..and yea I had some times with those boys,usually it involved me on my knees..or them on theirs..oops did I say too much..again..good times!!

I remembered that I was not so young when this all came about..I was in my late 20's actually..going into my 30's during this wild child period and I have to say,it was the only time in recent history that I was deliriously happy..even after the invites ended,I would simply send photographs that I took of a band to the record labels and would be on their guest list for every gig,I rarely if ever had to pay to see anyone up until 6 yrs ago I would say. I miss that so much..not much happening in music today and especially out here..gawd it is depressing and even if there is a band playing odds are there would be teenagers there and not much of a good time for me,if you want to know the truth..

So now I sit,typing this and realize I miss my music,and the memories of my wild times that are stored in 3 large boxes in the attic of a friend in Pennsylvania,I have pictures taken with the DJ,bands we met,gigs I have been too,rock stars I shared a drink with at conventions I attended..my times hanging out with stuttering john and his band..all times that always always put a smile on my face..

I think once the weather is warmer there,I have to convince Blu to take a road trip to claim my memories,to hear the music that makes me want to sing in the streets (or the shower to save others ears),to look at the photographs and remember the happiest times of my life.

Yea time for a road trip..any body want to come?

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3/11/2006 9:56 pm

Well, my road trip memories are going on now. It's spring training I was a baseball groupie And, yes, I was a WILD CHILD. My groupie years were from 15-19. Damn, I had a blast. Even got engaged to a AAA player... was friends with a player that recently WAS the manager for the Orioles... met a ton of pro players when I was 15, as I used to babysit for their kids. Even went to Disney with the wives of the Phillies.

Ah yes... memories. I wish I was young again...

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3/13/2006 3:47 am


nice run down memory lane SNL. I remember those hair band days, loved em, and I even have "hairnation" programed into my Sirius radio in my car. You just cant froget stuff like that.

Im in...Let's go!!



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