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softnlush 53F
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7/8/2006 7:11 pm

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7/10/2006 7:03 am

2 Emails

Hmm..really classy men on this site..even after changing my profile saying I am not looking..and that is a final my friends..not changing..I am not ACTIVELY looking..if something drops in my lap..sure,but NOT ACTIVELY looking and I get 2 emails..one from the nicest man in the whole world..should I name him? maybe..hehe..if I did not hate polls so much I would do a poll on should I name these assholes?

He called me an asshole btw..why? because I did not reply to his first email..why? because I did not see it until 2 days ago..and I was actually going to send him a nice email explaining that at this time I am not looking..but then got his sweet email this morning..telling me I am an asshole..what a guy ..ladies in AdultFriendFinder/blogland..this guy is a catch..if you want his name I will be happy to supply it..but his profile is turned off..awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor wittle girls we are..we do not get to worship the hewoman hating asshole emailer..

2nd email..this one..wow,really got me hot and bothered..NOT in a good way..he basically put it out there..it was an obvious mass mail since he obviously did NOT read my profile..he said,I could pretend to be a nice guy,but YOU don't want that..you want me to knock on your door give you what I know YOU need (um do I?)..and leave..yea ok..I know someone that may enjoy that..but I will leave it to her to find him..but me? Oh fuck you asshole..you want his name too ladies..he is a fine specimen of man meat (I am being sarcastic here..he is in fact unattractive)..you don't wanna miss..the man who wants to be a ..coming soon to an email near you..yikes!!

Now this is just 2 I received today..I get one or 2 of these morons usually everyday..but these 2 begged for the attention and attention they will get..ladies if you really need me to name names..leave a comment..and I will do just that..oh,and in case you are wondering if I emailed them back..ooooh yes indeedy and I did not mince words hehe..I also blocked them..I really do not care what they have to say..to me,they are assholes that need to be fixed so they cannot reproduce...and people wonder why I am not actively looking?? Sheesh..it is a sad sad state of affairs for women kind at AdultFriendFinder and men like these make the decent men pay for the crap we have to put up with..sheesh

Happy Saturday


LookandWink 63M

7/8/2006 11:29 pm

Well, for the rest of us guys who know how to read and respect others, I would like to say ...


Sorry for shouting. I hope he heard me.

bustybettyboop 50F  
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7/9/2006 8:49 pm

i've been relatively lucky i've only had a few assholes e-mail me..most have been sweet as hell!

..just join me on my blog bustybettyboop and still looking for some hot,sexy,creative contestants for my next contest...come join us! need a blog mentor or want to be one?

Xeryien 51M
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7/10/2006 6:31 am

    Quoting LookandWink:
    Well, for the rest of us guys who know how to read and respect others, I would like to say ...


    Sorry for shouting. I hope he heard me.
Ahh - but he might just like that......

SnL - again - for all men - I'm sorry!

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