...And it keeps getting better  

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4/14/2006 4:58 am

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...And it keeps getting better

Well,as everyone knows adnauseum,I have no car..why? Because I am in redtape hell..My insurance who has a check ready to be sent,is waiting on my Finance company to send a "guarantee of title" before they send it..once received,they send the check and they get the title..also my Gap Insurance needs thousands of forms 95 percent of which I have,just waiting on 1 more and monday morning faxing it all over...and the person who drives me to/from work thinks she will be terminated as of Monday..

The reason I did not get a car rental..originally the person who hit me's insurance was waiting on the estimate and how long I would exactly need one..4 days later..car is totalled now they will not talk to me about it..at all.."Buy a new car"..well,I would love to,problem is..according to my finance company..I have to continue paying off my car until all of this is taken care of..add insult to my injury why don't you?? Pay for a car I do not have???? And NO reimbursement for what I did lay out between the total and when this all gets settled..nice eh?? Lawyer advised me not to pay any more car payments..I am calling the finance company and going to explain..YOU did not send the paper work to my insurance..WE did everything to take care of this and it seems foolish to keep paying for a car YOU KNOW you are getting paid in full for..see what they tell me when I say that to them. Should be interesting.

So I am sad that this person feels she is going to be laid off..and it is not a good situation because she has been with the company a long ass time,I have NO idea what is going on..but I am not liking the feeling that they are laying off people..not a good feeling at all.

So basically I am back to how the hell am I gonna get to work at this point? Not being selfish..I am worried about her..immensly worried..but I still have to figure out a way to get to work..so,if the call with the finance company goes well..I just may be getting a car anyway and not paying anymore on original loan and just pay this new one off..if I can get away with it..the loan shows full amount on my credit..so it may not be doable with debt/income ratio..but we shall see..STRESS gotta love it..any advice???

Anyway..it is Friday..waiting on my ride to therapy..back home..waiting on my ride to work..then off for 2 days..and hopefully maybe I will finally get a car..if I can find a cheap cheap rental maybe I will do that too..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..more out of pocket shit that I just do not have to spare..grrrrrrrrrrrr

Happy Friday..it cannot get worse right??


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