So unusual to get an email like this  

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10/13/2005 12:35 pm

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So unusual to get an email like this

I get so much crap email here, with great lines such as "you should CUM over" or "lets fuck", that I am shocked when I get something from someone that takes my breath away. It was amazing that someone could be so- perceptive? Here is a sample- a direct cut and paste. Too bad he lives in Toronto.


I have taken an interest in your Blog’s as of late. Yours are quite treat and yourself a bundle of contradictions. You seem passionate and yet strangely critical and cautious. You demonstrate a deep capacity for silly emotions and yet restraint. You subtly hint that you would give all in love, but tread that route timidly, holding your passions within check out of fear of release without bounds. Beautiful even you need love. We all do….

Yes, you appear to be in quite a dilemma….’Does he want you or doesn’t he?’

Who is this guy anyway?

How about that???

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