Politics of Play time  

snooker96692 53M
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4/8/2006 1:43 pm
Politics of Play time

Currently, I am having fun playing with a few different women in a group sex setting. One thing I am noticing is the politics that is sometimes involved with group sex. For example, play with one person to long and the perception is they are favored over the other woman. Men do not look at things this way, but instead are merely having fun and enjoying the moment. Women...totally different story and all thou not readily apparent to us men who need things spelled out for us, women can be emotional about the whole group sex thing thinking one woman is more favored by the men because she is pretty, small ass, big ass, the new flavor of the month, etc. My point is that it can get very, very complicated sometimes and things may be going on and you do not even have a clue until it comes to a head (pardon the pun). It can get especially complicated if several alpha females are involved in group sex. Still, group sex is fun.

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