Are you normal?  

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10/2/2005 6:46 pm

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Are you normal?

So what is normal? Sitting on a park bench on a beautiful sunny Florida day I watch the people walk by...a man in a business suit self absorbed with the business section of the paper, beautiful woman standing by the shoreline, holding the rusted hand rail, and gazing deeply into the distance, children playing along the waters edge while mom and day talk under the tree.

Externally they all appear normal, quite, living under the social norms, which society imposes upon us. Behind the facade perhaps the business man is neglecting his wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, the woman yearns for a real relationship filled with romance, respect, lust, and unbridled love, the children play while the parents argue over money or the frequency of sex.

What is my point?

Often we find ourselves feeling sorry about our present situation and commenting “I want to be normal just like them.” In reality we are all dysfunctional at some level. We all have problems, missed opportunities, empty feelings, spouses we have outgrown, or other problems involving love, money, lust, health, and finance.

We must learn to be non-judgemental and accept ourselves and others for who we are. Only then will we find inner peace.

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