Warming up  

sno1966 50F
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1/31/2006 2:29 pm

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4/29/2006 6:51 am

Warming up

Well, It's been an interesting week here. I have made written contact with a few people (all whom seem to be wonderful) Still have a few more replies to make but as I am using a "guest" account I am limited to the number of replies I can make in a 24 hr period. Did not know this til today.

My point is if you messaged me, and I haven't gotten back to you its simply because I have to wait just one more day.

I did have to chuckle a bit when someone asked me what I meant by "Scooter trash". That would be a common term for ohhh hmm... biker scum? Just in general bikers. Those individuals who like to keep thier knees in the breeze, hair in the wind and prefer the aroma of gasoline, hawg oil and road dust over that of disinfectant, carpet fresh and really bad office coffee. I have for the most part been on the back of someones scoot my whole life. This started at 3 yrs old when my grand father would tote me around on an old 48 Indian Chief. I have had a fondness for those paticular machines ever since. Some folks grow up with a natural love for american classic cars.. I have one for american classic motorcycles.

I guess as people grow older some of thier passions in life die or they loose interest. Mine never did. At least not with bikes and riding. One of my favorite things in the past was to take off for a weekend me and the olman.. Suck up some fresh air and make pit stops along the way between here and where ever to grab a quickie,(or a longie) in a feild, under a vidock, where ever. I think of all the things I miss.. I really miss that the most. I can't think of one thing in this world that relaxes me, or puts me in a totally serene and "ready" frame of mind other then a nice long ride in the wind.

And as promised... I won't ramble on about that. Its just a passion of mine. One of a few. The most important one however.

Do any of you ride? If so then tell me what it does for you too. I'd love to hear about it.

kyplowboy22 61M

2/3/2006 8:45 am

I would like to invite you to a new group that has started, Bluegrass Bloggers .

Just a place for the Bloggers of the Greater Kentucky area to gather and chat and exchange information. Anyone can join. Talk about anything and everything as long as it remains civil. What ever whittle's your stick. Let's get together and get to know one another a little better.

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SirMounts 102M

2/17/2006 10:38 am

Ah, the freedom of the road.

junglejim47172 56M

2/20/2006 11:24 am

I've done a lot more off road than open road. I'm more of an adrienalin junky. Still, love the freedom of an unabstructed view on the road. especially at night a long way from the city on a starry night....maybe with a stop in a field, hhhmmmmm.

looknforfunnow2 55M
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4/14/2006 12:11 pm

Yes I do exactly what you mean sno---I have 2 harleys's(1-for open road & 1- for around town)....there is nothing like the feel of the wind and the freedom of the road.....went out to texas rdhse and to 2-lane tavern last nite...waht fun....!!!!!!!!!

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