Just The Three Of Us  

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Just The Three Of Us

Hi everyone:

I am trying my hand at this again. I hope that you enjoy.

I leave the gym and head to my car in the parking garage. I drive to a small pub to grab an appetizer and have a drink before I head home. To my surprise I see the two women I was watching at the gym. They are even more attractive to me now.

One woman is tall 5’9” and with an athletic medium build. She is wearing a one piece dress. The dress is very form fitting and accentuates her tight, fit arms, slender waist, tight round and shapely ass, and chiseled legs. I notice that her perfectly round breast are somewhat exposed from the side when she turns to talk to her friend. Her full nipples are jiggling through the fabric as she laughs. I watch them bounce and dance with every gasp of laughter. She is statuesque and moves like a model. Her hair is long and has light streaks. She has reddish lipstick that accentuates her mocha skin and nail polish on her fingers and toes. She is very fit, feminine, seductive and extremely fine. She exudes confidence. She smiles and I can see a slight gap between her front teeth that makes her even more attractive to me. Her face is youthful and her complexion is like a good cup of cappuccino. She is wearing a slight hint of make-up. I don’t think that she needs it, but I must admit it further brings out her already stunning and attractive features: strong and deep cheekbones, full lips, seductive hypnotic eyes and that sexy gap. I notice that her eyes are like a cat: they change colors as the lighting changes in the pub. I try to guess what she does for a living. I’d say she is a manager or maybe a broker, whatever she does, she is a consummate professional who looks to be 29 or 30, but she is really 45. She is experienced in the world and walks as if she owns it. She’s not arrogant or stuck up, but she knows that she has it going on. She is fine and equally charming. She needs no one to compliment or tell anything; she knows it. Her years of diet, aerobics and weight training have sculpted a lean, firm, tight, seductive body that would make most 25 year olds envious. My penis begins to tingle as she walks past me and I smell her sweet perfume. Ah yes, Marc Jacobs, she is a woman of impeccable taste.

Her friend is in her age range (she’s 42, and like her friend, she looks to be 29 or 30). She is about 5’4 and thick. She is extremely voluptuous and shapely. Her breasts are huge. These are the big firm breast that the plastic surgeons try to recreate, but there is no saline here. When God passed out breasts, she went back for seconds and thirds. Her legs are thick. She has large shapely calves and ankles. She has an ankle bracelet on her left ankle. Her thighs are strong and full. She gave me a good eye shot through the split of her skirt. She has a deep dark pretty complexion. Her skin is tight and well moisturized. She is just as beautiful as her friend, but has more of the girl next door look than the corporate executive. She has on a little make-up that accentuates her deep dark eyes and tone. She is very buxom and has a perfectly round and soft booty. She is wearing a skirt set and sandals. Her feet and toes are perfect from an earlier pedicure and her nails match the color of her outfit and deep dark skin. She smells like the nectar of a sweet fruit. She has a sweet and wholesome look about her. There is a girl-like innocence and she has beautiful, straight pearl white teeth that sparkle and make her skin even more attractive. She walks by me and her ass waves at me as it shakes and jiggles from side to side. My radar is going off. These two women are incredible to me.

I decided to approach them and introduce myself. Yeah, I was attracted, but I was equally as intrigued by them and wanted to get to know them better. We really hit it off. Our conversations just flowed like a river. We went from one subject to the next, and conversed about thought after thought. Nothing was forced or fake. We were in our own zone. Nicole asked me what my sexual fantasy was. I told her to see her and her friend with their bodies glistening in sweat and legs tangled between each other. I couldn’t believe that I said that. Don’t get me wrong, it was true, but I couldn’t believe that it flowed out of my lips so easily. To my surprise, Denise said that they would accommodate me.

We went back to Nicole’s place. As I followed them in my truck, I could hardly believe what was happening and I had no idea how these two women would rock my world and fulfill one of my biggest sexual fantasies.

Nicole has a beautiful place. It is as immaculate and beautiful as she is. We sit down in her bedroom, which is complete with a jacuzzi. It doesn’t take Nicole and Denise long to get started. They start kissing each other deeply. I watch them kiss touch and explore each others body while I patiently wait for the right time to join them.

They kiss slowly at first and then much more passionately and deeper. Nicole flicks her long sweet tongue in and out of Denise’s mouth. They embrace again as their hands begin to probe and explore each others body. My body is getting hot watching them, but I’m cool…For now! My dick is beginning to sway and move in my pants as I watch them passionately explore each others body. Denise has her hands all over Nicole’s tight body. Denise takes Nicole’s blouse off. My mouth begins to water as I see Nicole’s erect nipple through her sexy red bra. Denise strokes Nicole’s right breast as the nipple seems to swell more and Nicole lets out a slight moan. She then puts her sexy mouth on Nicole’s breast. She gently bites the nipple before engulfing it in her hot moist mouth. She sucks Nicole’s long erect nipple from tongue to lip. Her mouth comes back and she repeats this several times. Nicole is squirming to get completely out of her dress. Denise only moves to let the fabric slip between her and her soft sucks on Nicole’s tit. My heart is beating faster as I realize how excited I am becoming watching these two women that are deep into each other.

Nicole is nude except for her sexy panties. I admire Nicole’s beautiful brown frame. Her muscles are glistening with a light coat of sweat. Her body occasionally convulses with pleasure as I realize that Denise is making her climax sucking her nipples. I see her fit arms and strong legs slowly moving in pleasure and holding and wrapping Denise occasionally. I watch Denise as she kisses Nicole from breast to breast. Denise flicks out her tongue and guides it down her tight stomach and directly into Nicole dripping vaginal area. She pulls Nicole’s sopping wet panties from her long sleek legs. I am loving life right now. I love a nice phat and wet pussy. My penis is getting hard now…..But I’m cool! I watch as Denise has her head buried between Nicole’s sweet pussy. Denise eats her pussy six different ways to Sunday. Nicole cums a couple more times in the process. She gets up and undresses Denise. She pulls the skirt down and I see Denise’s sexy big thick ass and legs. Finally I touch myself briefly, but I’m cool.
Nicole takes off her top and I see that Denise is wearing a very sexy bra and panty set. She takes the bra off and Denise’s big phat titties don’t move. They are two of the biggest firmest breast that I have ever seen and believe me I’ve seen a lot! It’s Nicole’s turn now. The smell of her sweet female musk hits my nose and I can’t take it anymore. I hold my man in hand and close my eyes and admire the sweet aroma of the essence of woman. I quickly disrobe to my boxers and meet Nicole at Denise’s pussy.

Nicole and I position ourselves to each get a mouthful of Denise’s sweet pussy. We take turns eating her pussy. Her lips are throbbing as each of us suck and kiss her now creamy pussy. I love Nicole’s tongue and I can’t resist kissing her in between tasting Denise’s sweet essence. Nicole and I kiss long and hard. We don’t ignore Denise as we insert our fingers inside and around her pussy and clit. We massage her pussy and clit with our hands as we kiss each other long and strong. Nicole takes her other hand and starts stroking my hard fat knob. I squirm in delight, she never lets go of my mouth as her tongue probes and darts around my mouth. I taste the sweetness of her mouth and the feel the creaminess of Denise’s wet pussy. I am entering the ecstasy zone. After several moments of causing Denise’s creamy pussy to squirt with every orgasm, the ladies decide that they want some meat.

Denise and Nicole reposition themselves between my legs. They take my boxers off completely. I stand and take my boxers off. As the underwear slides over my hard dick, my dick pops back and forth for a couple seconds like a bobble head doll nodding yes.
I sit back and the two grab for my dick. Denise gets their first and puts her sweet mouth over my head and halfway down my shaft. I cringe in pleasure as Nicole waits for Denise to come up and they trade places. Denise then licks around my fat head with her tongue before she puts my head in her mouth. She sucks hard and makes a loud slurp. Oh! I let out uncontrollably. She sucks and slurps as if she is trying to polish my dick with her mouth. My hips begin to buck in a riding motion. Some time later, she stops, goes down between my balls and begins to suck my balls as Nicole goes back to the head and begins sucking me. I feel the urge to just let go, but I want to hold back. This is absolutely too good to let loose right now. I watch as the two of them lick my dick (one on each side) like they are licking a chocolate bomb pop. I lay back and enjoy all that they give me. My mind is curious about how they feel.

I want to feel those tight pussies. We’ve all tasted one another, now we must feel each other. I lay on my back and Denise sits on my dick which is standing straight as a chubby flag pole. She guides my dick over her throbbing vagina and slides her wet, juicy, delicious, pussy down my shaft. We both moan in pleasure. Damn she is tight and feels good. Her pussy fits my dick like an Isotoner glove. I motion for Nicole to come and sit on my face. She does. I lean her towards Denise and I have my face buried between her pussy and ass hole. I put my tongue against her rectum and she goes wild. Good thing she didn’t eat anything spicy today, because I definitely would have caught a bad nugget. Her rectum opened and closed as I licked and teased her puckered hole. She came in no time. I shifted to the pussy as she laid back and she fucked my face. She and Denise are now holding and kissing each other as one is riding my dick and the other my face. The three of us are in great rhythm.
My tongue is going inside of Nicole’s pussy and she lets go again with a nice screaming orgasm between kissing Denise. Denise is riding my dick gently with her tight little pussy squeezing as she goes up to give pleasure at the top of my head. This girl’s a pro and can fuck a man or woman with equal expertise.

I start to thrust my hips more and I’ve found Denise’s spot. I can feel it. I pump harder and deeper. She starts to grind harder. I can’t see anything except Nicole’s black shaven coochie. Denise is riding me like a bronco. I can feel the softness of her flesh, the tightness of her pussy, and when I thrust upward the hardness of her spot. She begins to lose control and I feel her pussy getting even creamier. I want to scream, but I can’t because Nicole’s entire pussy is in my mouth as she is wildly fucking my face. Denise starts to cum. I can feel the tightening of her body, then the trembling, followed by the uncontrollable convulsing. She cums then Nicole again! Nicole holds and kisses her tightly. The ladies get up briefly to wipe down. I need a second because I was close to letting loose on Denise as she was climaxing. A short time later, I feel the warmth of a rag as the two women wipe down my pole and balls.

Nicole bends over across the bed and arches her well toned behind in the air. I step behind her and gently insert the head of my penis inside of her vagina. She moans in approval as I slowly slide back and forth going deeper and deeper as her pussy welcomes me. Denise slides under her and sucks are her erect nipples as I fuck her from behind. I occasionally feel Denise’s hand feeling my balls as they slam against Nicole’s firm shapely ass as I am pumping inside of Nicole.

Nicole moans with each stroke. I stroke her slowly and softly, putting emphasis on the end of my stroke as my penis curves inside of her. She wants it like this and I am too happy to please her. I am stroking her so softly and gently it feels like I’m churning butter. Nicole is moaning louder and loader with pleasure. I feel one of her erect nipples courtesy of Denise’s handy work. Denise gets behind me and starts to kiss me on my neck and ears. She is driving me crazy. Denise grabs my nipple and plays with it between her fingers. Damn this girl is good. My nipple responds and it is turning me on more. Denise gently bites and sucks my neck and ear as I am churning away on Denise. She is now whispering in my ear. “You wanna come for me baby, don’t you? You wanna come for Denise, don’t you baby?” She reverts me to infantile blabbering, because the combo of Nicole’s good pussy, Denise sucking my chest, neck, and ears, and her talking dirty are becoming too much to handle. I can’t form intelligible words and I am feeling the jazzy sensation building in my balls. “Oh fuck her baby, make that pussy explode,” Denise whispers. “Let go! Let go,” she orders me! “Bust that nut in her for me,” Denise seductively says. I pull out of Nicole as Denise grabs my dick and starts to jerk it. Nicole turns her head around to watch. I come like a volcano erupting. I explode and cum shoots out of my dick and onto the back of Denise’s ass and pussy at 100 mph. Another spurt shoots out and Denise takes my head in her mouth. She sucks and it makes me cum more. A thick glob of cum drips out as Denise removes her mouth and swallowed whatever was left. I convulse more seeing the freaky looks on both women’s faces as I climax. I fall back and both pounce on me as Denise milks the remaining cum from my dick with her hand and mouth. I lean into Nicole and kiss her deeply.
Denise has my dick in her hand and as I look down, I can see her smiling. I can do nothing except lay back and get my composure. The three of us lay there and sip some bottled water that is bed side. Nicole suggests that we go to the shower. We walk to Nicole’s huge and spacious bathroom. Inside the shower, I watch as these two women clean themselves and each other. I am more than willing to help as we clean-up. While the three of us are standing in the large shower with a vertical shower head above us and two more heads pulsating water from above right and left, the ladies get started again. I enjoy watching Nicole munching on Denise’s pussy. It turns me on. I clean my body and watch as Nicole puts her finger inside of Denise’s asshole. Nicole is fingering Denise’s ass as she eats her sweet pussy. I begin to stroke my dick watching them. I let the two of them enjoy each other as I enjoyed myself watching. Nicole has Denise cumming in no time. I enjoyed every suck and stroke of her mouth and fingers on Denise. Denise’s ass was too inviting to pass up. My dick was hard as a rock again and I was quickly easing my soapy wet throbbing head into Denise’s ass. Her ass was opened just enough from cumming earlier to slip the tip of the head inside. It was hard to get in, but I was gentle and patient. Denise let out a tremendous moan as I gently pushed more of my head inside of her. Soon the head was comfortably inside of her ass and her pussy was throbbing. Nicole stuck her fingers inside of Denise’s pussy. As she played with her clit and I gently fucked Denise in her tight ass. Her asshole opened up more with every gentle stroke. Her ass was tight and sweet. I couldn’t wait to start pumping hard. I grabbed her hips and started to drive my swollen dick back and forth harder and deeper inside of her ass. Denise was screaming in pleasure. Nicole lay on the floor of the shower and played with her pussy as I fucked Denise’s ass like there was no tomorrow. As I fucked her I was stimulated by Nicole. Her big clit was being rubbed from side to side by her fingers. I could see Denise’s huge and perfectly round titties giggling back and forth with every stroke through the shower mirrors. Denise is uncontrollably screaming in pleasure and she is trying to squeeze my dick with her ass. Later, we climax together as I shoot another load. This time I shoot deep inside of Denise’s plump ass. Nicole watches the entire thing before she make herself cum getting off on us.

We clean up again. We stay in the shower with the water running on us. We engage in three way kissing: Nicole and I, Denise and I, and Denise and Nicole. We hold each other and enjoy being one with one another. After we shower and caress we go back to the bed. I cuddle with both women: one on each side. We hold each other kissing, touching and caressing until we fell asleep….

I am awakened early in the morning by Nicole sucking my dick. “Rise and shine,” she playfully whispers. I am grinning from ear to ear. Denise is still on my shoulder sleeping. I grab a handful of Denise’s sweet ass. Nicole continues to slurp on my man. I cannot wait to see what today has in store for the three of us. Nicole smiles up at me and winks as she works on my now swollen dick. Denise wakes up and joins her at the bottom of the bed on my knob. Game on! Here we go again!

sneakingout2006 53M

8/7/2006 5:13 am

I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing sweetie!

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5/20/2007 11:12 pm

That shit was hotttttttttttttttt baby, do it again

sneakingout2006 53M

8/13/2007 7:31 pm

Almost as hot as you are sexy!

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