Friendship, Romance, or Sex? Keeping it Real!  

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6/18/2006 8:20 am

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Friendship, Romance, or Sex? Keeping it Real!

This is my first time on any type of adult website like this. What I like about this site is that you can be completely uninhibited or can you really? For me, it took a lot of courage to do this. Anonymous or not, it is somewhat scarry and at the same time thrilling. It reminds me of trying to get a litlle in the basement when you were 16, while your parents where upstairs. It is as adventerous as doing it while your driving or doing it in a movie theater behind a row of people. Expressing myself on this site is sexually liberating for me. At the same time I don't want my business in the public domain either (who I meet, talk to, or get involved with).

My foremost concern is that I can be open, but yet remain discreet. Some ladies seemed to interpet this as I am just trying to get a piece of ass on the side (behind the wife's back). I originally listed my marital status as prefer not to say. This was immediately interpreted as "You're married!" I was originally offended by this because I am not married. However, I did put the shoe on the other foot. If I saw a woman who's sexual preference was prefer not to say, then I would think she was bi or bi curious. So I had to step back and reconsider how I was interpreted from an outsider's standoint.

Of course I know why I'm using the handle sneakingout2006. Incidently it refers to sneaking out of my normal, everyday, follow the rules, do thing this way life. I found myself having to explain myself to the first few ladies that I corresponded with. This initially threw me for a loop. I thought, "This is an adult website. Even if I was married and trying to fuck on the side, what's wrong with trying to do that on an adult/swingers website? I think that would be one of the best places. I wouldn't be hurting anyone else. That would be between me and wife right?

I thought, Man, you can't really let your hair down and be as wild as you want here either. Why is someone always assuming the worst? I shouldn't have to answer for myself, should I? Yeah, I think we all should. By that I mean, no one has the right to judge you for your wants, desires or views. However, I do believe that they have a right to know where you are coming from. Especially in this day and age. Like the baby bull standinng on top of the hill, looking down at all of the herd of cows, I wanted to run down grab one and fulfill my every fantasy. I said, "Attractive, sexy, I like what she wrote, and she seems to have a freaky side.... I got to get me one of those!"

In my excitement, I forgot that you still have to be careful out here. I realize that this is still the real world with lions, tigers and bears. Translation: wierdos, crazy's, disease, jealous husbands and wives, and all the other problems of the real world. I give honesty and I would expect honesty in return. We escape from the normal and live to fulfill fantasy's, desires, wants, curiosities, etc, but we still have to be smart.

Despite my obvious charm, wit, and devastating good looks, I couldn't walk up to a woman on the street and say, "Pardon me, but I think you have some huge titties and a phat ass. Could I fuck you?" Even if she got wet at the mere sight of me, pride and protocall would not allow her to accept my invitation to fuck. You can't really do that in here either. Hey baby, you said you want a hung black man, well here's a picture of my dick let's do this. To a certain percentage of women this is cool, but to the type of ladies that I am looking for, that (physical attraction)would only be one component.

I think that a part of us all wants to break the rules. That's why we are here. This is not "normal behavior." I'd like to be able to say, "Damn girl! You gots, (not got, but gots) a phat ass and a nice rack. I think you're sexy as a mother fucker. I'd like to knock the stuffin outta that pussy!" Do I mean that litterally no, I could express myself in a better way. However, that's the wild bad side that doesn't want to say it in a nice and sweet way. Because of how I say that I want to knock the stuffin outta your pussy, doesn't mean I don't respect you. I
know some of you are saying, "Yeah right, same old bullshit I hear at work, at the club, in the mall, at a bar, or walking down the street.

I hate that we have to play games (by that I mean follow the rules) before I get to knock the stuffin outta the pussy or you get to make me shoot like Mt. St. Helan's, curl my toes, or make me scream like a bitch. Ha ha!

Yes, I want us to be friends. I want to get to know you as a person. I care about what is going on in your life. And yes, by the way, I still want to knock the stuffin outta your pussy.

In all seriousness, I may take too much for granted. By that I mean that, to me you would obviously want to get to know whoever you would be meeting or possibly being intimate with. You would want to get to know them so tha you can establish some sort of chemistry. Then if all signals point to go, you make an adult decision to take things to the next level. I believe that having that chemistry or connection is far more sensual and satisfying that just plain physical attraction. I've slepted with some fine ass women who I was simply physically attracted to and the sex was simply bad to okay. I've been with women who were not as drop dead gorgeous, but we had a connection or our personalities clicked and it was the absolute bomb diggity (That's Black English for the sex was good).

Whether it is after long talks, dinner, drinks, movies, dancing, walks, or any other activities that you share, eventually it is going to get around to the sexual/physical aspects. Many women here want to let their hair down too, so to speak. They will take revealing pictures, talk dirty, or give themselves a sexually liberating handle, so why can't men do the same thing without being looked at as a dog or looked at as hiding something?

I realize that there are a lot of unfair or uneven plains when it comes to men and women. If I say that I slept with over 200 women. I'm called a stud, mack, playa, got game, etc. If a woman says that she slept with 50 different men then she's a slut, ho, bitch or skank.

Let's keep it real. We are on this website because we have a freaky side, or a kinky side, or want to explore a bi-sexual or homosexual experience, or we simply like or love sex, want to experience sex with someone from a different race, or can't do or get what we want at home, or whatever the reason. The bottom line is that sex is tied in somewhere somehow. It may come after friendship and romance, but it is certainly wanted too.

I think that we have all been dogged or used at one time or another in a past relationship(s). Our natural defense mechanisms are in place here too. As I stated earlier, just because I am physically attracted to a woman and want to sleep with her doesn't mean that I don't respect her or want to get to know her outside of the bedroom.

I've heard on the outside and even read profiles here, where women have said that they don't want to give away the milk without a man buying the cow. Whoa!!! I say to those ladies on this website, aren't you doing the same thing here in a sense? IMO, you are going to a wine taste to get drunk, but never buy a bottle of the wine to take home.

You look at the nude or other revealing/sexy pictures of the men here. You love the variety, of sizes, shapes, colors, thickness', slants, hooks, curves, circumferences and everything else about the various men's penises that are pictured here. Many of you ladies fantasize about sucking, fucking, smelling, feeling, tasting the men you see as much about us (men) as we do you (women).

You say that you want a man with a FHD and a PHD(Fucking Huge Dick or Pretty HUMONGOUS Dick ). When Mr. FHD or PHD answers and says he wants to knock the bottom out of your pussy. Don't run him off by calling him a dog. Don't all of a sudden get offended because he didn't bullshit you and say that he wants long term relationship or a friendship that can possibly lead to a relationship. Some ladies are looking to meet Mr. Right, not just Mr. Right Size.

What many ladies really want is the fantasy of fucking a guy with a FHD or PHD. What he wants is to fuck a woman who is into his FHD or PHD. To me there is nothing wrong with this. To me the problem is the fake fluff that comes with getting to know one another. Be real!Be honest with yourself and the guy who is trying to meet you. Leave the fluffed up bullshit out of here. We can get that anywhere outside of here.

After my first week here, I have hopefully grown into the father bull. I can now tell the other baby bulls that they can be boys and run down the hill and do the first one they find. Or they can be men and walk down and choose the cream of the crop and hopefully do them all.

rm_Curious4307 61F

6/23/2006 6:52 am

Excellent synopsis.

qyxx 59F
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7/7/2006 9:36 pm

Interesting viewpoint


rm_sunnie98 46F
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7/26/2006 6:59 pm

a man with class and dignity..a man that knows how to handle himself with words alone( I LOVE IT ), job well done again.....

sneakingout2006 53M

7/27/2006 12:35 am

You are very classy and sweet yourself. I thank you for reading my blog and responding.

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