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House Sitting

I met a young woman online some years ago who I will call Andrea for this story. She was in her early twenties and had recently split from her husband. He was the only guy she had been with. Got married early in life and discovered that it wasn’t what she was after. We had caught up for coffee a few times and gone to the movies and during those occasions, not much was brought up about the ex and why Andrea decided to leave.

A couple of weeks later down the track, I mentioned that was house sitting my sister’s house while she was interstate with her husband. A bit of flirting was happening and I dared Andrea to come over for a few drinks. To my surprise, she took up the offer. She lived about 40 minutes away so told me to expect her in an hour or so.

An hour or so later, there’s a knock on the door. I open the door to see Andrea with a low cut top on and long skirt. Andrea is about 5’10”, of average build and a beautiful pair of natural DD sized breasts. I couldn’t help but admire the beautifully curved cleavage that was exposed in front of me. Catching my wandering eyes, she grinned cheekily and asked if I was going to invite her in. Well of course I was, I had just been a little distracted is all. Being 5’7” myself, her breasts were at a nice level for me. I looked up and grinned, stepped aside and swept my hand out motioning for her to enter.

I gave Andrea a tour of the house….she paused a little longer in the guest room where I was staying…before we moved back into the living room where I had already opened up a bottle of Cabernet Merlot with a platter of cheeses, fruits and crackers by the side.

The stereo was on, playing CafĂ© Del Mar as background music while we drank, ate and discussed anything and everything. We were on our second bottle and Andrea seemed to be doing quite well. I don’t think she had any intentions of going home tonight so I figured I’d take the conversation up a notch. We started talking about the reason why Andrea decided to leave her husband. Apart from the usual things like arguments and not being able to agree of things, Andrea was quite happy to mention that the sex was extremely dull and never long enough. Well here was my queue to find out more. So I proceeded to ask her what she meant by dull and how long was long enough?

Andrea blushed slightly and I know the drink had gone to both of our heads. Not only did she blush, her cleavage showed some nice colour too. She mentioned that her partner wasn’t very adventurous in the bedroom. Missionary was the only position they would ever do. There was hardly any foreplay and the sex would only last for an average of five minutes. “Oh yeah and he never gave me oral sex and I never came with him” she finished with. My jaw dropped in surprise with her blunt honestly then we both burst out laughing.

“Oh dear, I can see why you didn’t stay. Sounds like you have some catching up to do then and finding out what it really can be like” I said still chuckling.

“Yeah I need a good teacher for this willing student” she grinned whilst pouring the remainder of the second bottle into both of our glasses.

“Well I very much doubt that you’ll run out of willing teachers if you’re that eager to learn. There’s literally a whole encyclopaedia of sexual knowledge out there.

Casually adjusting her position on the couch next to me to give me an even better view at her cleavage, Andrea looks me straight in the eye “So what can you teach me?”

Smirking, I placed my glass down on the coffee table, and I leaned in close “How about you tell me what you’ve learnt after we’ve finished” and proceeded to lightly brush my lips over hears. When ever Andrea tried to move in closer for a full kiss, I’d draw back, trailing my lips lightly over hers, then tantalisingly brushing along her jaw line to her earlobe where I teased by exhaling heated breathe along her neck. My hand slid to her waist as she squirmed. She arched her back so her full breasts touched my chest. Heavy breathing came from Andrea while she took in the sensations.

One of my hands went to the side of the neck and slowly trailed down the front of her, trailing fingers along low cut seam of her top, sliding down between her breasts and lightly following the curve outwards. My other hand came down from her waist to her thigh and around to the lower curve of her bottom. massaging her bottom firmly, I pull her in for a full hungry kiss. A groan escapes Andreas lips as our tongues hungrily twist and entwine with one another’s. Her hands reach under my shirt to feel my chest, pulling me closer. I can feel her erect nipples against my chest now.

I continue to tease Andrea with my touching and massaging, Getting extremely close to her erogenous zones but not quite touching, tweaking, massaging what she wanted me to. Her groans become more and more demanding until she couldn’t handle any more. She pushed me away. “No more teasing. You’re driving me insane with your touch. I want it now”.

Looking at her with a mock innocent look “Want what?” I couldn’t help but grin “Who’s to say I am any good or any better than your ex?”

She laughed. “You’ve made me tingle all over. I’m so worked up right now I could jump you here and now”. Andrea’s face and breasts were flushed. Her breathing heavy.

“Mmmm sounds like fun. Let’s go to some place more comfortable then to really get this lesson started”

Andrea grabbed my arm and practically dragged me into the room where my bed was set up. She pushed me down on the bed, straddled me and hungrily started kissing me while trying to take my shirt off. We both went hard at taking off each others tops. Taking Andrea’s top off revealed a semi transparent lace bra, showing nicely shaped erect nipples underneath. My hands followed the back strap until I got to the clip, releasing one at a time…one, two , three, four…the bra released and fell onto my chest. Andrea quickly rips the bra out from between us and presses her firm full breasts upon my chest… turn to let out a groan.

My hands eagerly cupped and massage her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples. They felt amazing. Smooth and firm. I knew I was going to enjoy paying a lot of attention to these beauties. Andrea arched her back in pleasure while I lightly pinch and tweaked her nipples. I take the opportunity to bring my head to bear with one of them and hungrily suck her left nipple into my mouth, Flicking my tongue firmly around and across it. She groaned in pleasure and grinds her groin against mine.

Grabbing her by the waist, I twisted her off of me and rolled on top. Passionately kissing while exploring each others bodies. Andrea tried to bring her legs up to wrap around mine but the skirt get’s in the way. I proceed to kiss, lick and suck my way down from her lips, along the cleavage of her breasts, down her stomach to her waistline where I slowly pulled her skirt off over her hips and down her legs. To my surprise, I noticed there was nothing underneath. She brought her legs together to make it easier to slide the skirt over. While it’s falling to the floor , I started to kiss and massage her calves, slowly moving down to behind her knees, making her squirm with the tickling sensation. My hands trailing down her inner thighs, gently parting her legs. Breathing heated breath down her inner thighs, I playfully nibble , kiss and lick the sensitive skin as I teasingly moved closer and closer to her nicely trimmed pubic mound.

Andrea’s body squirmed under the attention, her breathing deep and heavy. I started massaging her inner thighs firmly closest to her pubic mount and around her butt cheeks. Her hips lifted off the sheets as she let out a longing groan. I started licking and kissing around the pubic mound, making sure I didn’tt touch her vulva, labia or clitoris. She started to whimper, moving her hips to try to get my mouth to touch what she wanted them to touch. Blood had pumped down to her pubic region, swelling and making it very moist. With the very tip of my tongue, I started closest to her anus and slowly slid by tongue between her vaginal lips, up towards her clitoris. Her body tensed, waiting for the sensations, her fists gripping the pillow above her. I licked up and around her clitoral hood, making shore not to fire her up just yet. Breaths were coming shallowly now….my tongue slid back down, feeling how wet she’d become.

I began with slow rhythmic tongue strokes, like licking an ice cream. Licking from the base of her inner labia, up to and including her clitoris. Andrea let out a gasp, grinding her pelvis against my mouth. I continued to lick at my slow pace while she ground against my tongue. Every now and again furiously flicking her clit up and down, electrifying her nerve endings while she groaned and gasped in ecstasy followed by my tongue going back to the slow rhythm. Her inner thighs began to twitch and shudder. I could feel her labia twitching and pulsing under the barrage of licks. I sensed she was getting close. My lips and chin were soaked with her juices while her hip grinds pressed harder and harder against my mouth and tongue. Whimpers turn into erotic groans which in turn changed into louder and louder cries. I could sense she was on the edge of orgasm so I launched into one last assault on her clitoris, sucking it between my lips and firmly flicking it that sent Andrea’s entire body into convulsion. Her inner thighs locked around my head while she went into convulsing orgasm. One final flick of the clit before my tongue dove in deep between her lips, making her cry out “Oh My GOD” through clenched teeth. Her muscles clamped around my tongue while her body went into throws of ecstasy flooding my lips and chin with more juices.

Once the muscles started to release and quicker around my tongue, I slowly slide it back out and continued to kiss and massage around her mound while she came back down. Her entire body twitched from the experience. Beads of sweat on her breasts and forehead and a very content grin on her face.

Getting up off my knees. Andrea realised that I hadn’t even taken my trousers off yet. Moving back onto the bed, on top of her, my chest pressed up against her breasts and her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, we kiss passionately for a long time, sliding our hands all over each others bodies waiting for her clitoris to settle back down after the sensitive experience.

After about fifteen minutes of kissing and touching, Andrea’s hands moved down to my belt. Undoing my pants and using her feet to pull them off over my legs she continued to reach between the two of us and proceeded to stroke my raging hard on against her clitoris. Still a bit sensitive from the oral experience, Andrea’s eyes flutter with enjoyment. “So what’s the second lesson for the night?”

But that will have to wait for another time. Suffice to say that the two of us enjoyed eight hours of sexual activities and both ended up rather sensitive for the next couple of days.

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