my 1st facial  

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6/25/2006 10:24 am

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10/12/2006 3:48 pm

my 1st facial

Me and my husband(ex)were watching a porno film, we did that once in a while, its fun. This one seemed to have alot of facials in it. Every seen ended with the girl getting cum on her face, some were small and dribly, but a few were pretty big cumshots. I could tell my husband was enjoyig this film alot. I looked down at his crotch and his shorts looked like they were ready to burst. I couldnt believe how big and hard he looked. I made him watch the entire film before i did anything with him, and i would pay for that later. It was over an hour long and he was hard the entire time. I knew he needed to be relieved. I went over and knelt down in front of him. I asked him if he like those facials, he smiled and said yes, he liked them very much. So i asked if he wanted to try that with me. He got a grin on him that stretched from ear to ear, it was really cute. Now let me say this first, he has cum on me before, he would pull out and cum on my belly, sometimes on my ass. I know he can cum alot, and very powerful sometimes too, but i figured i would try this face thing anyway. Boy was i in for more than i bargained for let me tell you. I rubbed his big hard dick through his shorts for a bit, then slowly slid them off. The tip of his dick was already kind of wet, i knew this wouldn't take long.. He scooted forward a bit on the couch, and put my hand on his dick, he was harder than i have seen him in a very long time. I wanted to just get up and sit on this incredible hard on, but i said i would treat him so thats what i did. I put my mouth on the tip and stroked it with my hand. He leaned back and moaned, i knew he was going to explode very soon. I started sucking him a bit faster, using my mouth and hand at the same time. Then i put my other hand on his balls, well that was about all he could take. He said he was goint to cum, i leaned back just a bit, he started stroking himself. Now like i said, i have seen him cum many times, i thought i knew what to expect. I dont know if it was because he was hard for a long time watching the movie, or because this was the first time i let him cum on my face, but this was going to be rediculous. He was stroking this massive cock and he aksed if i was ready, i could see a drop or two of cum already on the head, that was about the last thing i could see. By the time i could say yes, he started cumming, and i mean cumming. He blasted me with so much cum i didn't know what to do. The first shot got me right in my forehead, i flinched and closed my eys. I just felt stream after stream hitting me. This was incredible, i didn't count the jets but it seemed like it went on forever. There must have been ten shots i think. I would think it was almost over, then i'd get hit with another. I could feel it running down onto my chest as he was still cumming on my face. I think i was in shock and i could hear him laughing and giggling the entire time. I think he was even suprised by himself. When he finally did stop, i kind of laughed and smiled too. There wasn't much else i could do. I was drenched from the top of my face, i think even my hair, down to my hard nipples. I couldn't open my eyes, but i leaned forward anyway and grabbed his dick and sucked on it. Believe it or not some more cum came out as i sucked and stroked it. So now i needed him to get me a towel or something, it was kinda nice and warm at first, but now it was getting colder and thicker on me. So he was a good boy and he got me a wet towel. I have never seen that much cum before, even on the films we watch. I told him he should be in the movies, he got a kick out of that. Anyway, that was my first intentional facial. I must admit i kind of liked it, i ended up letting him do that again, and each time was just as messy...

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6/25/2006 11:16 am


Welcome to the blogs

Purry {=}


eatitlkagrl 63M

6/25/2006 12:31 pm

WOW.......can you do me next ?, really....LOL

lifeisajoy2311 68M
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7/9/2006 10:31 am

Well after reading that I didn't have a face to come on but I do now have a veru messy computer screen, it too needs a wet towel!! )~~

snapper6669 46F

7/9/2006 2:38 pm

glad i can help out(hehe)

rm_Jackie81 35F
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9/9/2006 7:23 am

It's also a lot of fun when you are giving him a handjob. Have him face you while you jack him off and let him cum on you like that. I've done that with a lot of guy and they all love it.


snapper6669 46F

9/12/2006 4:34 pm

i have done that too now, my man really shoots it out that way too, i am learning to like it

rm_icarus4321 41M
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10/6/2006 11:58 pm

I guess we, men, like these things as much as you seem to like receiving it

snapper6669 46F

10/12/2006 3:48 pm

i love it, bigger is better too more cum

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