smurfprincess 40F
9/1/2005 2:22 pm

Me and my bf love the strippers. We've had 2 lap dances together. one gave me a spray bottle spread her legs in front of me and asked me to get her wet. Another took the $5 folded it and put in my mouth and took it in between her breasts. She smelled good. She kissed me on the lips, a peck. It was cool. I let her do the $5 thing to my bf the next time she came on. Then I got on stage with 2 strippers and they stripped me down and we wrestled in a pool with water and KY jelly. My bf was in heaven again. We also had sex in the bathroom against the sink and 2 girls walked in. When we walked out people were cheering and there was no stripper on stage. We get so horny when we go. It's fun.

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