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smthnglkhumn 37M
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8/15/2006 8:58 pm
Instant Messenger

Ok, so I've been on instant messenger trying to find people to chat with. The odd part is 90% of the women on don't seem to respond to pages to chat. Not sure if they don't get the pages or just ignore them. Whatever it is the fact of the matter is I haven't found many people to chat. My question is what is that you are looking for? Is there something in the intro that you are looking for? Or do you check out the profile and that isn't what you are looking for? I'm just curious. Why don't you let me know....Who am I kidding, women don't know waht they want. In all of my experience no woman really knows what she wants. They think they do, they say they do, hell they might even believe it themselves, but when you get right down to it, they have no idea. Guys, I know you are with me on this one, but you won't say anything for fear of exposing yourself. Thats ok, I understand. I don't blame you. I figure if anyone actually reads this I might catch a fair amount of flak. I'll deal with it. Hell the response would be a welcome change. It would prove to me that there are real people on this site. Thats all for now. I welcome the responses.

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