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5/17/2006 8:42 am

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Lack of time

Wow I sure haven't posted to much lately, just cant seem to find the time right now but woho only 10 days of school left and then comes freedom, well some freedom. I don't like to post while my children are up and around so Ill have to do it in secrecy.

So much has been on my mind lately. I have no clue where to even start.

As you guys know I was sure my kids suffered from autism but dang it now thinking only one of them does ( he has classic symptoms) and the other has bipolar. It is so hard to know with children especially with teenagers. I don't know if I'll have confidence in any diagnosis while they are still young. The one I am thinking has bipolar has down a turn around on me, he has went from being severely depressed to doing pretty good to now being extremely impulsive and moody. He has been on meds for awhile , that is what helped get him to the doing pretty good stage but now he has went downhill. This is part of what led me to believe he may be bipolar.

I was reading another blog here at AdultFriendFinder and she described her daughter and it was like I was describing my son. But how can we know, maybe its just teenage stuff?? I wish I wouldn't worry so, it doesn't do any good. But it seems everytime I get to a place of peace ,some note comes home from school complaining about my youngest or my eldest and I have a really bad day. I thought teachers were suppose to be professionals?? How can they expect us the parents to control are children when they are in their care?? I back them up all the way , but the nasty notes really bother me. It is hard enough to have special kids. The glances and smirks when they have a melt down in public is hard enough , but to have teachers acquire attitudes towards such children and their parents just baffles my mind. I have provided daycare over the years for some very difficult children and never once sat in judgment of their parents I offered support not criticism.

If you have kids and watch the news or do any reading you have heard that there is a large increase in all mental and behavior problems with our kids. I have been doing some thinking about this. So I have a question for you all.
What do you think has contributed to the increase??
Bad parenting??
Maybe just more people seeking help??
Poor Teachers??
Putting to much stress on our kids??
This is what I think is a major cause of anxiety for all kids, they expect our young kids to learn to much academically at such young ages !! My youngest is studying what my son did in 6 and he is in third grade !!
They have so much to learn socially in the lower grades when they pile on the academics they become overwhelmed. Start actting out, then comes the notes from teacher saying we think your kids need tested LOL Now both my kids are gifted and it is a challenge to figure out what they need in order to stay balanced they need to stay challenged but not to much. So I can understand the schools problems with them. But for the average student I say let them be kids, let them figure out how to "be in the world" first then as they move into the upper grades then increase the workload. I am in complete agreement that our children need the skills to be competitive and successful but I say back off and let the little ones be kids!!!!!!
I hope if any of you are teachers that I do not offend you. I have the deepest of respect for "good teachers". I can relate to what you go thru everyday. And I am aware that you have to go by the standards set by your states. I would very much like to hear the thoughts of a teacher it would give me more insight.
Thanks for listening to me and please let me know what you all think.

Peace nad Hugs

mycin62 54F

5/17/2006 5:09 pm

My son has ADD, which didn't find out until he was a senior in high school, he had been telling us, but we weren't listening. We thought it was a fad, you know, all the kids have it, so we thought he was just saying it. It took him sitting down and literally crying, telling us how depressed he was and his feelings of hopelessness, for us to finally HEAR what he was saying. I had him at the doctors office the next day, to see a neurologist the next week. Sure enough, he did have ADD, and it's a common problem with kids who have ADD to be depressed, it's a vicious cycle, they are depressed because they can't do well in school, they can't do well because of the ADD. He was put on meds for his depression and ADD, within a month he was a different child. Now he's in college, off the depression meds, still on ADD meds, he's getting straight A's, on the Dean's list. We are so proud of him, and angry at ourselves for not listening sooner. I know I got a little off your topic, but this was our experience with teenage depression.

Catdoc2000 56M

5/28/2006 5:35 pm

I think it was completely on topic mycin. I hope that you have good luck and most important get the right Dr that treats you son's case as his and not some cookie cutter one size fits all approach.

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