The week in review...  

smirkingdevil 48M
7/17/2006 9:21 pm
The week in review...

While on the bus entering the Big City, I wondered why we were moving so slow. I saw some policemen talking to a man near a car. A few feet past where the policemen were questioning the man, was a dead man lying on his back in the street. A small black tarp covered the dead man from his eyebrows to his shins and was only to his shoulders in width.


I worked all day, then took the bus back into the Big City. No dead people on the road this time. I changed clothes when I got back to my apartment and headed to the gym, which was scheduled to close in 35 minutes. The woman at the front desk kept trying to tell me there was not enough time for me to exercise. I, naturally, forgot how to say in Russian that "30 minutes was enough time". Halfway through my workout, I remembered what I needed to say. Great timing!

No running water at the aprtment in the morning. I mean NO water, hot OR cold was running out of the faucets. Lunch was chips and salsa. Water starts running at 1:00pm. I head out to do some shopping. I bought a lot of DVDs to transfer to my iPod for my next long trip to the US. Coworker Brad calls and it turns out he is 100 yards from my location. We hook up and head to a sushi restaurant. Turns out that one of our USG clients is on her deathbed at the hospital, and they requested blood for her, that's why he was in the Big City. Once he showed up at the hospital, they said they decided to not use people's blood for some reason. The USG person was medivac'd out just yesterday (Monday) to London.

Worked. Got home to the Camp and felt like sleeping. Forced myself to go downstairs and at least LOOK at my bicycle. It was a mess from the last ride. I cleaned it up and decided I did not have time to go for my ride and eat afterwards. I went to eat and would ride later. I remembered belching and tasting the pork schnitzel I ate an hour earlier at the begining of my ride (YUCK!). I got to the first small village on my route and started to turn. During the turn, my front tire hit a sandy patch, slid and I hit the ground on my left side. UGH!

I got up, got on my bike and started out of the village. Nadia, a local village person, was standing near her house with her dog. I stopped and chatted for a while. Her dog licked me. I continued my ride.

I got to the next village and there was a HUG pig rolling in mud. I HAD to take a photo. From behind, a man approached and started speaking to me in Russian. He wanted to know if I was interested in the pig. I said yeah and showed him my camera. All of his front teeth were gold and his brown skin was leathery from hard work as a farmer. But, his eyes were as bright blue as the sky. I asked him how to say "pig" in Russian. "Svini", was his reply. There were 15 geese crossing the road, so I asked him how to say "goose" in Russian. "Goose" was his reply.

I got to work this morning and got hit with all kinds of news. My Supervisor's birthday was Sunday, so I had arranged yesterday for cakes to be brought into work for him to give to our coworkers (Russian tradition). He was holding back tears just now when he thanked me.

I discovered that the first person I ever hired as a supervisor was fired from the project yesterday. When I called him to get the story, he said it was for "personal reasons". I found out the real story and I'm not exactly happy with what the person did.

Mom called. Turns out birds are living and breeding in my Parent's garage. Wild boars are tearing up her plants. Mosquete tree seeds are good for horses, so she's feeding them to our neighbor's horses.

Life is pretty good right now...

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
7/17/2006 10:11 pm

Thats awful about the guy, they should get bigger tarps for Christssakes.

You should have taken a pic of the guy with the gold teeth too, I would love to see that.

smirkingdevil replies on 7/17/2006 10:47 pm:
The "dead guy" was lucky to have a cover at all! I mentioned that traffic had "slowed". It didn't STOP. People still walked on their merry way along the sidewalk and it only added about 2 minutes to my commute.

Alexander was the "gold teeth" guy's name. I felt bad, because I kept staring at his teeth, which, I am sure, is what he wanted. I wanted to take a photo, but I was having a hard enough time understanding his Russian. The Russians here speak SO fast. It took me two tried to make him understand that I needed him to speak slower. After he realized that, he spoke perfect Russian to where I could understand everything the first time. Once I get my good camera back from my friend who borrowed it, I'll see if Alexander will pose for me with his geese and pigs...

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