Getting laid tonight in Russia...  

smirkingdevil 48M
6/15/2006 3:23 am
Getting laid tonight in Russia...

Well, my big weekend the other week did not occur. The Russian party participants could not guarantee that I would be back at my bus stop for work the next day by 6:45am. Yeah, they play like that! I was stuck for an extra day at our project's camp. Total bummer. My date the next day was still hung over from the party, which made for us having a really boring time, but at least I got to hear about all the fun they had the night before.

Today is going very, very slow. Sure enough, I have a sex date tonight. A Russian woman contacted me online (not from this site) and would like to get intimate. I haven't seen a picture yet and she's 39 year-old. That's, like, 100 years-old in American years! Just kidding. No I'm not. Russian women don't age too well. They start at a higher level than most American women, but the fall is just that much harder for some reason.

Anyway, she has a kid and no husband. It's been ages since I've had sex, so what the hell. We will meet at Lenin's statue at Revolution Square (I'm not making these places up) and see if we REALLY want to have sex together. I've heard her voice and it was lovely. She even knew to talk slowly with me so I could understand her Russian (mine sucks).

She suspects that I am married and I have some children back in the US. I told her I was "Alone in Russia and that should be all she needs to know." Okay, I misrepresented myself. I'm not really married and I have no children, but Russians look at you like you are a leper during biblical times if you are over 25 years-old and not married or divorced and don't have at least one child.

All the online women I have met here in Russia have lowered their ages by at least 5 years (they state 28 instead of 33, etc.). Let's hope this woman meant to say 29 instead of 39. Her measurements are nice and I should be able to lift her off the ground, if so needed. I'll let you know how things turn out, so come back soon for the update.

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