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7/21/2006 3:48 am

Are you into sports? I sure am. I was born and rasied in Texas!

Sadly, my Iranian Father was clueless about how American boys should be raised. He tried to teach me volleyball and soccer back before "soccer Moms" were in vogue! What a foreigner mentality! (NOTE: For those that don't know, I always make fun of "foreigners", since half of my family are foreigners and I myself am a foreigner at the moment. Don't get all offended on me...)

Luckily, my Mother was also born and raised in Texas and made sure I got a proper sports education. She enrolled me in American football, basketball, baseball and track. I was a busy little boy at the young age of 8!

How important are sports? Very! I had one single mother tell me her sad woes about how her "soon be teenage" son was getting hard to handle. "Put him in sports!" I offered. She took the idea and ran with it by enrolling him in football the following season (he was pretty big for his age). All of a sudden the boy had a coach to look up to and other boys who were not afraid to kick his ass when he had the ball (unlike his mom, who was SO sweet). Her daughters also got to join in the fun, since the older daughter was enrolled into cheerleading (and became one of the popular girls) and the youngest daughter became a mascot (that kid was ALL charisma). How's that for family fun on the weekends?!

Playing sports also allows youngsters to learn the games. Last August, I brought two NFL regulation footballs with me to Russia in hopes my coworkers and I would play on our Camp's front lawn. The first day I sent out a "Let's Play Football" message was a bit scary. At the designated time, I was the only person out on the field throwing the football up in the air to myself. Some people felt so sorry for me, they decided to go change and just throw around with me. Before we knew it, we had two teams of 5 and had a game going. Woohoo! Those games lasted for the next 3 months, every week, three times a week.

Some Russians that work at our Camp were curious about the game we were playing. One guy was big and super fast and joined us. We even setup a play where he basically just outran everyone and scored. After the game, he was SO appreciative. He mentioned how us Americans all talk about football and even watch the games on the AFN satellite channel, but the Russian workers never really get a chance to understand what is being shown. Now, he knew.

Which brings us to the title of this post, "Fantasy..."
If you ever want to know more about American football or baseball, then join a fantasy league. Try and join a league where you know the other team owners so you can get advice or help at the begining. Also, don't be afraid to talk "smack".

Our fantasy football league last season was SO boring, because no one wanted to say anything bad to one another. When our fantasy baseball season started, I won my first game and decided to tell all the other team owners how great my team was and how I planned on winning the championship. All of a sudden, the league message boards came alive and I was "public enemy #1". Now, deep into the season, I have discovered grafitti covering my wipe board when I come in my office telling me I should "BE SCARED!" about that weeks game. It all adds up to more flack for the league message boards. Some guys even make small bets with each other and proudly display the rubles on their office walls won from their opponents. None of this is "serious", but it is a lot of fun.

I hope you end up enjoying the games as much as I do...

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