Big crazy times in big crazy Russia!  

smirkingdevil 48M
5/26/2006 12:31 am
Big crazy times in big crazy Russia!

Hi! I started this blog today, because I really can't get anyone to have sex with me from this site. So, I decided to be more constructive with my time and see if this blog thing can help attract some attention to me.

A little about me, I'm an Americam living and working near western Siberia.

YES! It gets very cold here.
YES! Russia is a very strange place to us Americans.
YES! Russian women are "hot".

Have you ever heard a woman in the US ask the question, "What women could ever wear some of the outrageously small fashions models sport on fashion runways?" Russian women is your answer. They stay thin and diet like mad if they gain a pound or two.

The only issue I have with Russian women relates to the language barrier. I am not fluent in Russian, but it's not for lack of trying. The Russian language is not easy to learn. Even the words I do know I can't seem to communicate correctly. After 2 years here, I can finally order a drink WITH ice in it without the waitress looking at my all confused.

I'll be giving you other insights about where I live and ask you guys for some insights to nagging questions I have, mostly about the opposite sex.

Thanks again for reading...

papyrina 50F
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5/26/2006 1:47 am

Hi welcome to blogland,British living in Greece

Comment and read every where and you will soon get folk commenting have fun with it

I'm a

i'm here to stay

angelofmercy5 58F
17881 posts
5/26/2006 12:07 pm

Welcome to the blogs! I'm having a sleepover at my blog....wanna cum?

rm_meow344 105F
2615 posts
7/5/2006 10:13 am

Tip Toed into your past postings...
in this Post no matter what you have placed down
there is 1 remark that stands out...YES! Russian
women are "hot" 2 years in Russia and
your Rooskie is not perfect?...You are correct
not a easy language to master...But so worth
it.. meow

smirkingdevil replies on 7/5/2006 5:41 pm:
I was given some advice from someone who knows 6 languages and is also learning Russian:

The average person in any one country uses a vocabulary of ~650 words.

It would be SO cool to just try and learn ~650 words! But, as you probably already know, those ~650 words may have all kinds of conjugations and gender forms. I'm trying to learn about 3 words a week. The big word for this week is "poh milli", or "hang over".

It's all good though. I have a few "Russian" teachers helping me at night. Another year like this and I'll be fluent in "something".

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