what clouds? it was sunny wasn't it?  

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11/15/2005 10:30 pm

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what clouds? it was sunny wasn't it?

Or was it my pink glasses? no, not today. I was just feeling awesome. I rolled with the punches at work, was good and flexible when i had to be, and the day went nice and smooth. It's full moon tonight, and i wish i had a date to celebrate the last couple awesome days! :c) I don't know about you, but I definitely feel it when the moon is full. I'm so much testier when i'm driving, when things aren't going smoothly, ... and then i'm so much more gregarious, happy and possibly even hornier, than usual, especially the latter, as hard as that may seem. :c)

So, I was in town this evening after work, shopping, for a shirt and a possible pair of pants for this party i'm going to on Saturday night - the Sinner's Ball (a benefit for the Belfry Theatre) at the Laurel Point Inn. On Friday, I was in town and bought a sweet pair of boots at that little shop in Fan Tan Alley that has all the british boots, french underwear, and other good sweet stuff (- when the name comes back i'll tell you!). So, they're shiney, oxblood-coloured NPS boots that come up high in the back. You know, I think I might just be able to get away with no insole in these ones! Comfy!! yay!! i hope you don't mind a guy who likes shoes and boots. it's a strange thing to appreciate, really, but then, in this society, where the current street fashions tend to make poeple all look the same, boots seem to be the last bastion of a semblance of individuality. (thank God for Fluevog!!) I mean, even the clothes in the hemp stores are starting to all look the same! :c) So, found a great black shirt, love it! ihaven't bought myself a casj button-down shirt in forever, and this one is such a great start! i feel good in it, and that is the biggest part of it, sin't it!

So, onto the women I had the pleasure of chatting with on my shopping ramble, and or the pleasure of seeing briefly in passing: (ask me about chaps later, ok?) (don't let me forget!) the dirve into town after work was so much smoother than i had envisioned. I think the goddess of driving and roads and all that, Asphalta (all hail Asphalta!) (Hail!) :c) was on my side. i had totally smooth sailing, only 3 lights that were really just slow-downs and then a parking spot right in the middle of where i had to do biz, and i wasn't even looking for it!! Woo hoo! :c) So, on the way in, i had a few views of a couple of women cycling into town who chose to ride the hiway instead of the Goose. At the two lights, they caught up and i passed them twice, each light, and oh yeah, they had fine derrieres. they were totally motoring too! wow. And then it was almost non-stop while i walked from my truck to the shirt shop - Calibre. the girls were seemingly everywhere on gov't st. the one who was in front of me all the way practically to the shop was absolutely delectable - nice jeans hugging her bum just enough to show definition, and a g-string!, but not so much to screw with her waist. really nice red-gold hair too, fragrance something like orangeblossoms. mmm summer thoughts on a chilly november day... ahhh :c) and then the shirt, and then teh trip to a couple of shops to see if they had just the right pair of pants for the party - i'm not just shopping for a party, but am updating wardrobe. realized i had too many clothes for work now! :c}

You know, it's going to be tough to find teh pants i want. I actually thought about wearing chaps to this thing. I don't own any, but i think I'd like to find a good pair some time. i actually want to have chaps made of fake fur, to be honest. i think that'd be pretty sweet and different. No idea how people would react, it'll be interesting to see. :c)p And, then the neat thing about that is that i think i found a seemstress who'd like to tackle the idea!!! bloody awesome, if you ask me! :c) I love it when serendipity takes a role in my life too. .....

So, well, that's pretty much it for tonight. Sweet dreams!

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