my post week-end blog, Sinner's Ball, etc. :c)  

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11/22/2005 12:00 am

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my post week-end blog, Sinner's Ball, etc. :c)

Well, hi there!

What a week-end! I had a fantastic Friday night, met some new fokls who are really pretty cool, and normal in the lifestyle sense of the word! yay! Awfully nice to meet and laugh with them. Also went to the Fox for a couple bottles, and had a fun time. met some fokls who were celebrating birthdays and had never been there before! wow, first time for everything! :c) my first time, i was 18, snuck in next to my group of friends. :c) good memory!

So, Saturday i just couldn't think straight! It was the day of the Sinner's Ball at the Laurel Point Inn. I was doing yard work thinking naughty thoughts, I was shopping in the afternoon for a pair of pants (British Importers, believe it or not, finally had what i needed!) and anything else that grabbed me - turned out to be food! LOL I grabbed some sesme snacks, dry figs, and a take-out bowl of tabouleh at the Seven Valleys store on Douglas (and enhanced it with balsamic, surely much to the horror of the new shop owner! LO, and then later a greek salad at Eugene's on Broad (they've redone the floor in there, really nice!) (my two fave things for hang-over remediation!). So, yeah, thoughts totally on Sinner's Ball and the gorgeous women walking in the fair city of Victoria (more thoughts on them later). :c)

The night finally arrived, I was dressed - wearing the new clothes, including some naughty underwear I'd just bought at the Love Den - Zakk stuff, bloody awesome for me, and soooo comfy... let's just say that I am now a convert to stretch velvet... f***! what happened to me! :c) LOL and microfibre!!! holy sh*t! ooooh sooo comfy! don't tell anyone though, -k? LOL :c)p
So, I became quite comfortable that evening in my pervy role, or personality shift, for a while. It was fun. I complimented several of the fabulously dressed ladies on their outfits, and of course any of the fabulous shoes they were wearing... it felt so good to let people know they were appreciated in that way! Funny, eh? i'd never have guessed. I really enjoyed the responses. Spreading the good feeling around has got to be one of the finer things to do in life. hmm. :c)
So, the night progressed. I had the amazing serendipitous chance to meet someone who blew my mind that night. I got to be a part of an experience that unlocked within myself and this amazing person our inner exhibitionist, our inner natural being. Wow, what an absolutely incredible experience for me. :c) Seriously doubt if smiling will go away! LOL :c)
I know that not everyone who went to the event itself had a great time, but their expectations were too high (or far out for a benefit event), more than likely. It would have been nice to have at least one more dance from Bettina, or slightly longer routines (there were only 2 that I was privy to, and one was in the Heaven Lounge) mystifying really as to why they were only a song or song a half long... She's great though. miss her former partner, Lulumae, from her Bettilu Bombshells days. Oh! btw, Bettina had these fantastic fake fangs!! oh, they were cool! :c) and i loved her black boots! sweet heels!

And so, that was the best part of my wk-end! Sunday was recovery day, though did get some gardening done! Yay! Finished picking up after the storm we had a week ago, and still picking up leaves, but my leaf mould pile is growing! Woo hoo! I'm getting all excited about the leaf mould for mulching the shrub and perennial borders here in the early spring. Hoping it'll be steaming and hot in say Feb-March, and can find someone who'd like to play in the earthy steam, on a sunny day, on a blanket of course! :c) (ask about the leaf mulch pile fantasy, I dare you! :c) Any gardener chicks in Vic out there?! LOL You know what I'm talking about! :c)p )
Played on the net as some of you know, and was a bit of a chatty cathy! :c) Also got stuff done though, and was fairly productive that day around the house. today too, actually. I took the day off from work to run errands for my grandmother, and they didn't materialize as appointments were cancelled. So, vacuumed the house (ever think about sex when you're vacuuming? i was!), did dishes a few times, went outside and cleaned up some things in the yard that I've left out. Much better! :c)
Bummer 'bout the hotwater tank not working, but uncle will be coming over tomorrow to help save the day, hopefully. :c) He does instill faith from time to time! :c)

So, there we go! Stay well y'all! I'll share more racey stuff next time! :c)

Cheers, smileyguy30

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