My First Time With a Woman  

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8/4/2005 8:43 pm

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My First Time With a Woman

Well, I've been asked to write about my encounters with women....
Let me first say that there has only been one such encounter (sadly).
The girl's name was Nicole and it was March 2004. I wish I knew more, b/c I would try to get in touch with her again. You can still see her profile at curiouscpl977 but alas, she is no longer checking AdultFriendFinder. But at least you can see the pics and get an idea.....
I was on AdultFriendFinder as a single before, and Nicole and her bf Chris got in touch with me. They were an awesome cpl, young, hot, smart, and fun. They were from out of town, but they came into the city one night and met me for drinks at a pub. A few martinis later, we decided to go dancing. They had a room at a hotel very close to the bar we went to. I danced with Nicole some and with Chris some. I must say, Nicole and I had quite a fan club on the dance floor. We had some good laughs. Eventually, we all had a pretty good jag on, and finally Chris suggested we go up to the room.
The room had kind of a sitting area, and we sat on the couch first, under the pretense we would have another beer. I think I had 2 sips and Nicole leaned over and kissed me. It was a nice, normal kiss other than the fact her skin was very soft and smooth.... so nice to not have stubble sometimes!
We both took off our shirts and rubbed each other's breasts... I remember I had on a hot pink bra and she black. We took off our bras and I sucked her nipples for a minute, then we both took of our pants and underwear.
To be honest, the entire time we were in the sitting room, I have no idea what Chris was doing, whether he was clothed or not. I was entirely focused on Nicole. We fooled around with each other for a while, 'heavy petting' really, and then somehow we managed to find our way to the bedroom.
Nicole went down on me first, then me on her. I was surprised, it was the first time I went down on a woman, but it seemed totally normal and I wasn't nervous. I didn't cum that night, not sure if it was nerves or the liquor. At some point I went to the bathroom and when I came back, they were fucking. I lied down beside them and watched. Chris got off.
We all fell asleep in the king sized bed.
The next morning I was surprised. I had expected myself to wake up in the wee hours and sneak away, but there we all were.... and me in the middle!!
I reached over and felt Nicole's breast again. They were gorgeous breasts, I have to say. She responded by reaching over and rubbing my clit. In my entire life I have never gotten off from a guy's hand. I don't know if they're too rough or just don't know where to go. But no guy has gotten me off by fingering me. Nicole did. I suppose, she would know how to do it. It was incredible. By that point I was rubbing her, too, and we both got off together.
I gave Chris a blow job in the morning too. I swallowed his cum. Nicole was licking me from behind as I did it.
Then, as if it were normal as could be, we all got dressed, had a laugh, and they dropped me off at my car.
They wrote me an email a cpl of days later to say they had had a great time but I never heard from them again. I hope nothing went wrong in the relationship after that, they were really great.
Do I masturbate when I think about it? Yes, of course. I can even remember that Nicole used Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion (I saw it in the bathroom) and she smelled like icing. We don't have Bath & Body Works in Canada (or at least not in NS) so I think of her whenever I see it.
It's funny, I don't remember a whole lot of details about Chris, he was sexy and had a tattoo, but I'd recognize Nicole again anywhere.
I think she still has a year of school left not too far from here, and I wish she'd visit Halifax again so I could run into her. My boyfriend does too!!

bugsyandlola 49M/47F

8/4/2005 9:13 pm

Totally awesome story. I am looking for my first encounter also. I am married and he would love to see it happen I would like to do it alone. If he read this, he would just die and be totally jealous. Oh, well. It's the truth and thats what BLOGS are all about. I don't know about the going down part, but want the kisses, breasts, fingers. I am looking.

tongue69or181 51M

8/5/2005 8:02 pm

Great story , sounds like fun. i wish it would happen to me . it seems more chatting and no fucking or sucking on this site ...

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