Story Part 2  

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Story Part 2

My palms were sweating, my hands trembling, and my heart was pounding like never before. I never have seen this side of you, so I knew not what to expect. Am I going crazy? We talked about my desires and fantasies before, but you never hinted towards anything like this. I thought I knew you; is it possible, not as well as I once thought? Enough thoughts, my curiosity is burning from within, I need to begin.
I dashed for under the bed… Hmm… Not here, so I run to the other side… Wait there it is, at the foot of the bed, where I was sitting before. Ohhhh…. I put the satin up to me cheek, and upon doing so a sense of erotica overwhelmed me. How I love the feeling of satin upon my skin, but for now I need to snap out of it so I can finish the list of things before you return home. I stripped the bed of the other sheets that were already on the bed. Wait, where did this com from? I bent down to pick up what fell from underneath my pillow. “Blind folds?” I thought to myself. These were not here before. “Wait, he wrote something about blindfolds, didn’t he?” I spoke out loud to myself, as I leaned over to put them on the night stand, and continued to strip the bed. After I put the sheets into the laundry room, I returned to the bed only to make the bed with the set of red satin sheets you left for me. Every time I ran my hand across the sheets as I was making the bed, I became more and more excited. When the bed was made, I stepped back to look at the bed, as I envisioned thoughts of you and I on that very bed when you got home. I was getting all wet thinking about it, when I snapped myself out of the trance I put myself into.
I walked over into the bathroom, where there laid a bottle of rose bubble bath. I sat at the edge of the tub to draw my bath water. I poured a little of the bath bubbles into the water as water was pouring into the tub. The aroma quickly engulfed the air throughout the bathroom. Mmmmm, what a wonderful scent. While I was waiting for the tub to fill completely, I stood up slowly to undress. I slowly took off my shorts and wife beater tank top. As I was standing there naked, I looked over to the mirror above the sink and stared, when all of a sudden I blurted out to my reflection, “I hope you know what you are getting into.” Then I turned back to the tub, where now the tub was filled to my liking, with a mound of bubbles on top, as the scent of roses ever so strong. Slowly I entered the tub, to lay there relaxing. Well, relaxing as much as I could at least, with sexual thoughts running through my mind. Reaching for my body sponge, I submerged it in the water… Running the sponge over my arms, and then neck… Then my breasts. The simple touch of the sponge made me cum slightly, I must admit. I thought to myself, how I needed to keep going, because I only had a couple of hours till you were due back home. So I continued to wash myself; my stomach, then my legs, slowly and thoroughly I moved that sponge over every inch of my body. By the time I got in between my legs, my body was aching… Aching for sexual attention. When the sponge reached my aching pussy, it slipped out of my hands, but yet my hand would not stop moving across my pussy without that sponge in it. When my fingers grazed over my pussy lips, I let out with a slight moan. I have never felt so sexually frustrated before. I need to get going I thought to myself, but yet my fingers feel so good, as they were easing my tensions somewhat. Before I knew it, I lost all thoughts, and a couple of my fingers from one hand were now inside of my aching pussy, while the other hand was rubbing bubbles into my breast. My moves were slow, yet pleasurable, as I laid there in a bath full of bubbles moaning with pleasure I was creating for myself. Pulling on my nipple softly, as I was twisting it at the same time, made me want to cum quickly… So the fingers that were inside of my clean sweet pussy began to move faster, and deeper… The moans growing louder, and more frequently, as I was getting closer and closer to climax. Then before I knew it, I screamed with the orgasm that I was able to give myself. Standing up, I reached for the towel and began to pat myself dry. I looked over at the time, and realized it has only been forty minutes since you left. I thought to myself ho good I was doing, especially since I engaged in an activity that was not intended in the things to do. When I was done drying myself, I wrapped the towel around myself and walked back into the bedroom where I left the nylon suit you left for me to wear.

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