Part 8  

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9/27/2005 12:04 pm

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Part 8

“Mmmmm…. Oh how I ever am” I said as I licked my lips, facing in the general direction your voice came from, while both my ass and pussy were still getting pleased. “May I suck your cock too?” I asked you, as I left my mouth open waiting for you to place your cock inside my mouth. The thrusting of a cock inside my ass was slowing down a bit, however a finger has now entered into my soaked pussy as the tongue continues to maneuver its way around that finger. “Oooooh…” I whimpered as the finger was feeling its way inside my canal, and the tongue now focusing on my clit. Just as my mouth began to open wider as I was expressing a big fat hard cock pushed its way into my mouth, followed by several silent thoughts. Is this really your cock in my mouth? Where you fucking someone while watching me, for this cock has a taste of a woman’s sweet juice upon it? I feel no hair around your cock, did you shave? All this thoughts racing through my mind brought me to near climax, as I begin to thrust my hips. The cock slips out from my ass, and the tongue leaves as well… For now I have a luscious cock in my mouth, and two fingers spreading my pussy lips apart as the finger continues to try and keep up with my thrusting. I am not the only one moaning, for I can barely hear other moans throughout the room on top of mine. Before I knew it, I let out with a loud scream of satisfaction, for deep down I knew that was the biggest orgasm I ever had. As it ended, someone went between my legs and licked my juices off, leaving me there with my body trembling, and able to do nothing but express my pleasure with quiet moans. Without notice, the handcuffs were replaced on my ankles, as they cuffed me back to the bed. Silence grew within the room once again, not even the television was on any more, and then finally the door slam.
I lay there quietly, trying to relax enough so that my body could stop trembling. Just as I did, the door was slowly opening. I could hear the footsteps coming closer with each passing second. Before I was aware of how close they were, something cold was placed against my pussy; it stayed there for a little bit, before it entered deep into my canal only once. Upon leaving, it glided its way from my pussy lips along my stomach, around my breasts, and into my mouth. I was excited at tasting my own juices. After a few moments a woman’s voice told me to enjoy the taste, for there was more of that to come; and as those footsteps came, they also left with the door closing behind them. I laid there with this cold thing with my juices on it in my mouth. After a while I could taste what was underneath… It was chocolate… Then I realized I had one of the chocolate covered bananas in my mouth.

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Grumpy331 67M

11/19/2005 5:23 pm

I have to say this is pretty hot!

mrmorefun 53M

9/27/2005 8:28 pm

smarty you are the best. i think you should submit a "fantaasy to some magazine .

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