Slave to my computer weekend  

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10/16/2005 7:02 am

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Slave to my computer weekend

unedited so you can read it, raw, baybee.

oh baby you have phone sex and not with me?

that is what I was thinking when I wrote false gods. I am having a weekend where I am slacking, which puts me at the machine, which on a weekend without the kids is not the best place to be. So I waste time and have phone sex with a young sexy man, and he tells me I could do this for a living, cause I am so cool and sexy and I ask, what is happening?


It rains. I slack. Tomorrow I unplug.

Amazing post. Blew me away.

Okay, so it is Sunday, and I am not unplugged. But it is three minutes of ten, and when I finish this post, I will take the laptop away from the Internet connection (no Wifi, just a modem by my desk) and work. My job was due last week. I never go over deadline. I have. I forgive myself.

I am going to blame the rain. The sun is out. I will work and walk the dog and go to the movies. Tomorrow my kids return and life falls into place.

The exchange above is with a friend from my other blogworld. He is one of the best writers I know. So full of soul and love and funny. Married. I have had opportunities to meet him, as he travels for business. I fear it. I am a little in love with him. Gods and Goddesses, deliver an unattached version of him. Thank you.

Okay, the clock says 10:00. Now. It's time.

I dive off the computer, into the editorial mines.

I need a job away from the desk. I need to get out.

Last night at 3:00 am, I woke up and watche "To Sir With Love." I wonder what happened to LuLu.

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