smalltownangel 43F
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8/9/2005 8:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


We all anticipate something.

For me, anticipation comes on strong when that certain "F**K Buddy" calls. The phone rings hear "that" voice. Your heart starts beating faster not from love.....but from lust and anticipation. As you make small talk, your mind races back to the last time you two heated things up. You vividly remember the way he had you on your stomach, pounding away at your pussy. Your pus spasms as you remember the way he teased your clit. Your mouth begins to remember how full it felt as it wrapped itself around his cock and balls. You rub your hands together…..wondering if you will get to stroke his back as your legs are wrapped around him.

Then you hear the words…..”Want some stress relief?” or “Wanna F**K?” or “So do you have plans for the night?” Your heart starts to race even faster. You feel the wetness start between your legs. You barely get the words…”Sure.” “Oh Yes” or “Nothing. Wanna come over?”

The date is set. You put your hand over your heart trying to keep it in your chest. You begin the anticipation. You begin dreaming up new things to do in bed. You get ready for your buddy. Anticipating what he/she is going to do to you. . what you are going to do to him/her. You know that it will feel awesome. You know that what ever happens…your muscles will be sore the next day out of sheer pleasure.

Does the anticipation add to the desire? Does it add to the passion? Does it make the sex more pleasurable? Whatever it is….I will figure it out later……the phone just rang. It’s him…..anticipation….be still my racing heart.

Oh...What do you anticipate?

rm_hotstud9977 39M
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8/10/2005 6:32 pm

i must say, anticipate can be great but, if you have been waiting all day or all week to meet your f**k budy , an they call or ping you online saying they cant make it or somthing has came up. that could make anticipate the worst thing in the world .

rm_ERB07 36M
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8/11/2005 7:36 pm

I love hearing from a f**k buddy and knowing exactly what she is wanting. After I hear from her i just go nuts till i actually get to be with her. So smalltown, you need another one, cause im ready to go anytime, let me know.

Luvta69U2 53M

8/22/2005 8:33 am

ANTICIPA A TION id making me wait.......GOD I hate

and then of course,

good things come to those who wait

I'm WAITING!!!!!!

rm_justdooome57 59M

8/27/2005 5:30 am

very well said!

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