Sexual history - Part one (girls)  

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6/6/2005 4:48 am

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Sexual history - Part one (girls)

Since before I can actually remember I have been friends with R, when my crush on her developed I couldn't say but it was maybe around 10. It grew and grew until I thought I was going to burst unless I told her.
Meanwhile I had realised that it wasn't just men I was attracted to it was women as well. I couldn't rationalise this to myself as i live in a very conservative household where nobody speaks about things like that. However on my 16th birthday I was introduced to a girl by my ex, T. She was beautiful and one of those people you can't stop staring at. Auburn hair, 34DD breasts and these amazing green eyes that could pierce right through you. She led me to a quiet corner of the club and told me straight out that she fancied me and would I like to go for a drink sometime? I was very overawed, this amazinly hot woman asking me out! I said yes and we met the next week in a small bar in the Bay. We talked and talked for hours and eventually got a little drunk. I made moves to go home but she pursuaded me to stay at her house. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed. She was very patient and extremely experianced, telling me what she liked and where. We spent a good time just exploring each other's bodies and she had the most spectacular figure I had ever seen, not skinny but curves, as they say, in all the right places. she was almost completely shaven and the feel of her skin gave me chills. She fingered me, and though I never opened my mouth to tell her what to do she gave me the best orgasm I have ever had. To this day i remember what it felt like. her thumb slowly tracing circles around my clit whilst her fingers drove deeper and deeper inside me. She sucked my nipple into her mouth as i came and then kissed me softly on the mouth. There was no pressure to return the favour, as sometimes i feel there is in bed with a man. Later on I discovered both she and T had planned the night together, me having confessed my feelings about other women to him previously. We continued meeting every week or sometimes more often and she taught me how to bring her to an amazing orgasm as well. she also taught me always to listen to what your partner wants and take suggestions as a sign they care, not as a criticism. We eventually got together as a couple permanently and stayed that way for almost two years, my longest relationship with anyone to date, enjoying the best sex anyone could ever wish for. Of course we progressed, from using fingers and tongue to toys and vibrators and eventually a strap on.

Incidently, the one big tip I can give to any woman using a strap on for the first time. Do not expect it to provide you with any physical pleasure. You must imagine that it is part of you, your penis pushing inside your partner and it is from this knowledge that pleasure comes.

We broke up a month before last christmas and are still on good terms. However, last christmas things started to come to a head with R, we decided to have a little xmas eve party, just me and her and a bottle of tequila. thats when the trouble started. we got drunk and though we were fully compus mentus my inhibitions and anxiety dissappeared. She was dancing with me in the kitchen of her house and I told her how incredible she looked. She was very startled so i explained to her about my crush (she knew i was bi) and expected her to laugh it off. Instead she came round the table and sat on my knee. she bent her head forward and kissed me full on the lips. i reached up and took her top off and then asked her if she was serious. she replied by kissing me again and leading me upstairs. we went into her room and i told her that tonight was about her pleasure not mine. she laughed adn took off her bra, skirt and pants. i joined her on the bed and after kissing her again slowly traced a line down her body with my tongue, when i reached her mound i paused and she urged me on. well, i brought her to orgasm and then she tried on me. She had never been with a woman before so im not going to lie, it wasn't amazing but she refused to take direction so... we used a few toys she had on each other then took a shower together. Kissing under the water I realised how lucky I had been to act on my fantasy but where now i wondered?

In the morning I found out, she got up early dressed and then woke me up. she pushed my clothes at me and asked me to get off the bed. she made me help her stip all the sheets off the bed and replace them with new ones. we walked downstairs and sat in silence, saying less than two word to each other until my dad came to pick me up in the early afternoon. Our once strong relationship had been ruined. I have tried to talk to her about it but she refuses to listen, we have barely spoken since it happened and i feel like i have lost more than just a crush, i have lost a best friend.

to be continued...

LimesMastsAvoid 70M
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6/6/2005 8:25 am

( zipping up pants...) Let me be your best friend !

alwaysready1846 61M/52F

6/6/2005 8:37 am

who can say what causes us to feel the way we do. Life is hard but you just go on and climb that next it or just sit home. It is better to keep trying ,,,you never know what may happen...

RubyRedPetal 44F

7/1/2005 5:56 pm

Can' believe what i just read. You opened your heart and i think you're really courageous babe. xxx

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