birthday fuck  

slutneedsdaddy 29F
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8/2/2006 6:18 pm

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9/9/2006 10:26 pm

birthday fuck

well boys saterday is my birthday and i was hoping i'd be able to find someone to give me the perfect birthday present a good hard fucking

NoStringsInNH 44M
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8/2/2006 9:09 pm

Message me please..... How does a night at the Holiday Inn Concord sound?? No sleep, just sex, drinks, and more sex......

I'd love to be your've been teasing me for months...lets finally meet! Ryan

Meeskee2 33M

8/3/2006 9:09 am

What about Friday night after 11...

rm_callmetiger2 34M

8/3/2006 12:52 pm

You name the time and I'll find the place. That's if your up for it? Let me know.

rm_GotMaster 32M

8/3/2006 5:45 pm

I'm close by and ready to go hun, just say yes and we'll be having crazy sex all over my place and in the hot tub . Let me know.

Pinchhitter71 45M
25 posts
9/6/2006 8:31 pm

slut needsdaddy,

We must hook up. Between this blog and your most current one, you have me picturing myself giving you a "good hard fucking". Contact me somehow

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