3 Some Are Brill  

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7/19/2006 8:31 am

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3 Some Are Brill

It all started 28 weeks ago we wanted to find someone to join us in a 3sum as we were feeling randy after playing on our new webcam. Karen was so wet she left her knickers at home & just let the juices run down her legs. We went to a quiet spot we know & talked about the video & about how much she wanted someone to come along & see her knickerless pussy & ask to join us for some fun, but time went by & no one came along, Karens's chances of a 3sum in the open had gone.

We packed up our things & headed back to the car both feeling pissed off & randy as hell. We started back home when we saw a young man hitch-hiking on the road, we passed him slowly & Karen looked at him & said that we should give him a lift, she had that look in her eye of lust so with that I pulled over & got out & waved to the man to hurry up to us. As he got closer I could see he was quite young & good looking, he said his name was Terry & that he was heading our way so I opened the door & helped him in with his pack. He said hello to Karen who was already eyeing him up & moving so she could look at him better.

We continued home chatting with Terry all the way, all the time Karen was getting more and more excited about the new found friend. We got home later than we had planned so I had to get my uniform ready for work that evening, Karen had invited Terry to stay for dinner which I didn't agree with as we hardly new him but she said it would be nice to find out more about Terry.

Karen said she was getting changed into something more loose, loose was an understatement, she came down wearing a black silk bra g-string & knee high boots. my cock went rock hard in seconds, so did Terrys, his eyes lit up & I could tell he wanted to screw her there & then. She sat on the chair opposite Terry & crossed her legs in a come here and fuck me way. The time had come for me to leave for work and I asked Terry if he wanted a lift but Karen said he could sleep on the campbed, that made the alarm bells ring I knew what she wanted & I couldn't stop her.

I left for work knowing that Terry would be fucking my Karen as soon as the door was shut. Time dragged on & when I finished work I hurried home knowing that Karen had already fucked Terry several times, sure enough as I came inside the hallway I could hear soft moaning coming from upstairs, at first I wanted to scream but then my cock started to tingle & the temptation to see what they were up to became to much, so I slowly walked up to see our bedroom door open & Karen spread eagle on the bed with Terry eating her wet clit like a wild. I had never seen Karen act so open with a stranger, I came closer to try & see her face but the floor boards started to creak so I had to back off.

I had to wait down stairs for them to finish before I could let her know I was home. She came down & looked surprised to see me there, she asked how long had I been there, I said long enough to hear her scream with pleasure & know that Terry had just unloaded his spunk into my wife. She said that he had asked her if he could see her strip naked & things got out of hand. I then told her that I had planned the hole thing, Terry was a mate at work who had said that he liked Karens picture I had pinned in my locker. We had chatted about getting Karen to want him & fucking him. She then kissed me & dragged me up stairs to where Terry was still naked in our bed, I stripped off as fast as I could & jumped into bed with Terry & Karen and we all had the best evening of fucking Karen in every hole. If anyone would like to follow in Terrys footsteps then get in touch!

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