The Art Of Giving Good Head  

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6/6/2006 7:31 pm

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The Art Of Giving Good Head

I have known many men in my short twenty-four years. All of them, gay and straight, has told me time and time again - there's nothing like a good blow job. The kind that makes their knees vibrate, their eyes roll to the back of their head and the tingles from head to toe, when they come. All of these men would tell their significant others that, yes, they loved blow jobs but the feeling of your pussy (or ass) is so much better. Of course, they are lying. I will repeat - there's nothing like a good blow job.

Every guy is different in what they like and don't like. Some like it rough with a little teeth. Some like to be spit on. Some like a finger in the ass right before they come. I have found the last one to be true about 95% of the time...getting them to admit it is a different story. You need to find out what turns them on by asking. Just like for us. If you don't ask, it will get lost in translation. Once you figure out what gets them off and what doesn't, the real art of giving good head is taking your time. You have to want to suck his cock. Pretending will not do here. I don't care how good of an actress you are, he will know if you are not enjoying yourself. It will worry him and he will never come. I'm not saying that you need to be this crazy freak, just someone who likes to please her man. If you're not up to pleasing your man and only think about yourself, shame on you! Stop reading now and go back to lying on your back and thinking about the pool boy.

Most men think of blow jobs as a very-special-occasion type of thing or maybe just a brief miracle lick to get him hard before sex starts. Let me ask you, if your man went down on you for about 5 minutes and then stopped, climbed on top of you, stuck in you, came and climbed off, what would you think? How would you feel? Think really hard, because unless you are some total frigid bitch, you would probably feel like shit and just a means to an end. Not to mention being left totally frustrated. I will give guys the benefit of being able to come whether it's in a mouth, pussy or an ass. Most of us girls aren't that lucky. The ones that are - I bow to you in great worship! But the general idea is to finish what you start, unless he's begging you to let him come inside of you.

Now, why would you keep something that he so enjoys and feel spectacular from him? There could be many reasons I guess. Maybe you think it's ugly or feels funny. God forbid you touch that icky-sticky-stuff. And oh my, we can't forget about the hair! But yet we expect our men to eat us. Let's face it, pussies are by-in-large not the most attractive things. Sometimes they smell funny, feel funny and you can't forget about gushing blood every month. If they didn't go down on us except when absolutely required to, we would give them a world of shit and wonder what's wrong with it. Complexes would be out of control and the whole idea of eating pussy would diminish. That would be a crime.

To most men, there's nothing that feels closer to heaven than having his soft cock in your wet mouth. Having you take it all the way to the bottom of the shaft, licking and sucking until it's throbbing, rock hard. This is where most women quit and their cocking-sucking-duty is over. Instead, gently cup his balls in your hands and tug slightly. Keep your mouth on his head and lick the area that divides it. Going around and around in small circles. There are a ton of nerve endings here and it's the equivalent of getting your clit licked. Don't spend too much time here because the constant touching might give way to over stimulation. But go back to it every now and then to give him a little shuddering treat.

Deep throating is another pleasure trove. The trick is keeping his head on the top of your mouth and sliding his cock down only far enough to reach the uvula (the little piece of tissue that hangs down). This keeps the pressure off your gag reflex. Don't worry about not fitting his whole cock into your mouth. Most women can't do this unless they are pros or he's incredibly small. He will never know you aren't ramming it all in because he'll be concentrating on the sensation of his cock rubbing the grooves on the roof of your mouth and your tongue on the bottom. Also, the feeling of his head hitting the uvula will make him think you are a deep throat queen.

When you suck a good cock, you will be able to make your guy come in just a few minutes. While this may sound great, it's not what you want to accomplish. You don't want him to just come, you want him to explode. The only way to do this is to bring him to the edge again and again. To tease and torment until he can't take it anymore. You need to take your time and work on not only every aspect of his cock, but all the regions around it. Don't neglect his balls. Use your hands and mouth and tongue on them. The tighter they get the better the sensation is when you play with them. There is also a dandy little spot under his balls between them and his asshole. Like the spot on his head, it's loaded with nerve endings. It also may be a spot he's not used to someone exploring and it will feel naughty, which will heighten the excitement. If your man is not an ass player, trying just lightly brushing the tip of one finger across it while licking under his balls. He will think it was an accident and let it slide, but I guarantee it will feel awesome. Do it again a few minutes later, this time with a little lingering. If he doesn't object, then play away. If he squirms or holds his breath or flat out yells at you, try again another time. If he's all for it, start with just a finger (index is the best) and go very slow with palm side up. And please don't forget to lube it with some spit or maybe your own juice first. You don’t want to have to peel him off the ceiling. When you are comfortably in just up past your first knuckle, bend your finger up slightly (towards his stomach). You will touch what feels like a pea, this is the seminal vesicle glands and the beginning of the prostate. There are lots of good feelings here and most men can come just by manipulating this spot. So imagine the orgasm you will give him while giving him head too!

After I have spent a long time bringing my man to the tip of an orgasm and back down, I'm ready to make him come. I will keep my finger in his ass and play with that pea, grip his shaft and place my mouth on the head. I suck his head nice and hard while using my tongue on his spot, flicking back and forth. I use my hand to pull up and down on his shaft, twisting my wrist like I'm using a screwdriver. I keep the pressure tight with my mouth and hand. Sucking and licking. Twisting and gliding. He will come in a matter of a minute and he will come hard. Keep your mouth on him, but relax the pressure slightly because the head is now the most sensitive area. Too much and he'll lose the orgasm. Keep stroking him slowly with your hand until you feel his body go lax and his asshole stop puckering. I personally love the taste of come, but if you don't, ask him to tell you when he's going to and you can move your mouth at the last minute and watch the fountain works! It won't feel quite the same for him, but at this point he won't care all that much. Just remember if you do it this way, make sure you pull your hand all the way up past his head. Neglecting the head during an orgasm is not cool and it won't be as good as it could be.

Sucking cock is one of the best ways to please your man. I like to do it when he least expects it: when he gets out of the shower, in the middle of the night, while he's driving. No matter when you do it, make sure it's often and you have a good time! He will see you in whole different light…

rm_2tallsix9 35M
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6/7/2006 6:41 am

Allow me to propose my undying love to you now...why can't all women think this way? I love to please my old lady, but its like pulling teeth to get her to do the same...I have to wait for my birthday or some other occasion...*sigh*

LordLOBO_I 54M
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6/7/2006 10:17 am

where have you been all my life ??? you sound as if you have this down pat and goodness I want you to come over and work me over... Then I'll go down on you and take care of your sweetness - til you are nothing more than a quivering, wet and satisfied lady...

Flint4fun2006 48M

6/7/2006 7:14 pm

OK...All I really have to say about that post is that you know exactly what a man feels when you are doing what you described so well.

I do have a difficult time cumming occasionally and for the same reason as you described. As well I feel I need to give an "O" or three before I let loose. Any woman wanting tips on giving head correctly should study what you have written. Great advice and extremely accurate.

rm_thundere 41M
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6/7/2006 7:30 pm

sounds great to me you got it...

SirMounts 102M

6/23/2006 1:47 pm

Well, that's very important information to share with anyone seeking to learn more.
A warm welcome to blogging, slut amiee. *smiling*

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