Running on empty ...  

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7/28/2006 8:32 am

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Running on empty ...

So, my boss calls me last week and says, "I need to talk to you about your role with the company. Meet me in Kingston on Friday." He alluded to a conversation that I had with the Director of Sales about taking a pay cut. Hey, if that is what the team needs, I'm willing to help the team.

I drive down to Kingston, about an hour away, and I'm running a little late. So, I forgo a trip to the gas station to save a few moments and arrive 5 minutes late. We sit down and he explains the situation. "We don't really want to increase our sales." "What are my options?" I ask. Severance package or some other $8/hour arrangement. All because I'm five minutes late? Just kidding, I saw it coming and was given plenty of warnings, but it stills hurts.

On the way back, all I could think of was "Running on empty."

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