Our 1st Date  

slownsteady68 48M
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7/28/2006 10:40 pm
Our 1st Date

After we've been chatting on line for a while You and I finally meet face to face, it's in a coffee shop when they're having open mic night so you can watch me play. You're there first as I walk in I see you I wave hi. Motion to let you know I'm just putting my guitar down. I see right next to where every keeps there stuff there's a small dimly lit room with extra tables and chairs.
We sit and talk, and flirt, I get up and play, we have a nice time. Then we're ready to go and you walk with me to get my guitar. We walk right past it into that little room I saw. You ask me "You're guitars in here" I say "No" and I put my arms around you and kiss you. As I pull you close you can feel my hard cock.
"I like the way you think" You say. While we kiss I caress your side, lightly run my hands around your but. Then I go up your shirt and play with those big beautiful tits of yours.
As you pull away you say "Let's get comfy" You slip your panties of from under the sexy black skirt you're wearing and hop up on a table. I pull my pants down and slip my hard cock into your wet pussy. I've never done anything like this, not in public like this. We hear a waitress say something as she walks past the room. we both sigh as we hear her walk away. Slowly I slip my cock in and out of your delicious pussy. I lean back there's just enough light to see how good my dick looks sliding in and out of you.
Then I lean forward and kiss you while I put my hand up your shirt while you put your arms around me and dig your nails into my back. I'm fucking you good and hard by now I can feel you starting to breath heavy, you lean back again look into my eyes and give a long contented "YEEEAAAAHHH" I'm swaying my hip from side to side. You slam your hand on the table and start panting. You don't do it loud but you cum good and hard. You grab me and pull me in and start kissing me. Moaning while our tongues are dancing around each other.
Now you can feel my cock throbbing and see I'm starting to pant. "I guess it's your turn" you say to me, and hop off the table, kneel down in front of me and start sucking my cock. I've fantasized about this moment ever since we started e-mailing each other and it feels better than I ever could imagine. You grab the shaft of my dick good and tight. Oh god you really know how to work that dick don't you.
I'm ready, I'm gonna do it AAHHHH there you go. Big load of cum right into your hot wet mouth. again it feels better than I ever imagined. You stand up and we kiss a little more, get ourselves dressed and leave.

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