Boot to the head!!!  

slowjeepguy 51M
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7/19/2006 2:04 pm

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12/8/2006 7:05 am

Boot to the head!!!

OK, I am going to run through a list of pet peeves.

Slow drivers in the left lane.
Are "Hazrd flashers" a license to allow one to break as many traffic laws as one wishes?
People that all but pull onto the shoulder to pass as you move over to let them by.
Drivers that like to hang out in my blind spot.
Being cut off.

Hhhmmm. Seem to be a lot of driving issues.

People that don't mean what they say.
People that don't say what they mean.
Women that think that if a married guy is here, his wife doesn't want to have sex with him.
BS profiles.
Fake pics/descriptions.
Double standards... but I have them, too. I'm only annoyed when they affect ME.

Yardwork (except mowing for some odd reason).
My lawn service... they killed my grass and fertilized the weeds.
Weld slag falling in my shoe (red hot steel and flesh are not a favorite mix combo for me).
One that pops in the ear is worse (you can hear it sizzle... really loud).

Hhhmmm. Maybe I need a new hobby.

People that can't speak in a manner consistent with having a more than 4th grade education.
U R GR8... um, no?
To, too, two... they are differnet, look it up.
There, their, they're... ditto.
People using words that they have NO idea what the actual meaning might be.

Sports fans (in general). Get a life people. It's not that important who got traded where. We will continue to live, love, raise kids and then die. Quality of life basically unaffected.
Soccer (the fans are so bored they riot).
Basketball (too many mean comments to count).
Golf... this is a sport?
Fishing... makes golf seem exciting.
World Series of Poker... makes fishing seem exciting.

Have I ticked you off yet?

Other people's annoying kids. I have one of my own to annoy me, I don't need yours, too.
Ditto for pets.
Ditto for spouses.
Ditto for parents, in-laws and other relatives.

Lack of logic.
People that don't listen.
When my DVR skips.
When Dish doesn't think that is a problem.

People that disagree with my "Superior" opinion
People that can't see a joke right in front of them.

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