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12/9/2005 11:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Killing time

OK OK so started this blog feature a long time ago but never actually started a blog.

What's the purpose really? So that people can read the ramblings of others and decide whether there is any value in them? Or is a blog a cry for help from individuals-as I read in an article discussing the tragedy of the kooky adolescent teen and the boyfriend that killed her parents? Or is the point of blogging merely to fill in time during the day while waiting for other, more important, things to happen?

While killing time waiting for the go ahead to buy a gift online, I've decided that the whole point is merely to find more ways to waste time, so I'll make an entry.

Buying Christmas gifts online was supposed to make our lives easier yet here I sit waitng for confirmation if I should get the two day shipping and where we should have the gift sent. Here or to the inlaws; And what about wrapping; And will it get there in time or what if it were sent here and we wrapped it would it get there in time. So many questions.

The Christmas season-in all it's commercialized glory-is one for sharing with loved ones. While sharing with loved ones is great we're also in the mood to share with people we lust. So many holiday preparations leave so little time for our other more adult oriented hobbies. *sigh*

Kids, activities, shopping, wrapping, traveling, out of town visitors, decorating, working to pay for the afore mentioned, blah blah blah...where do we squeeze in the "lifetyle" things we enjoy?

Rambling. Yes this is rambling as I said this was meant to be a quick entry while waiting on a call, apparently the call to get the info has not gone through, or it has and that could mean a long conversation, yes, more ramblings.

I should probably work on our profile as I wait. It needs a rework. K should do it she is able to put things succinctly and yet get the point across. Too bad she leaves this to me huh. Based on our profile and others here, the long winded approach is anathema to the modern quip of the day format-ie. Wanna fuck...We like to fuck...We can go all nite long. Not much else, just a three sentence profile. Such thought provoking work makes one wonder, is that what they are like in person or are they simply trying to get to the point, or are they not actually a "they," but rather a single male looking for stroke material.

Where are the honest, normal lifestyle people? Perhaps it has to do with the fact AdultFriendFinder posts ads at every porn/x-rated/stroke site on the web. Leaving some with the misguided notion that the couples and women here are virtual-reality, porn skanks and are ready, willing and propped up with ass in air waiting for the dick of the day to pound away. Hoorah.

Yes, we prefer couples but we have met with singles...but really...come on folks. Sending a dick shot shows exactly what you look like, a dick. Sending a note that shows that you didn't bother to read our profile shows the same. Sending bulk mail to everyone in the area? Does all this really need to be explained?

We know there are real people here. We have met quite a few. We have met several others that claim to be normal but apparently don't understand what it means. If you are going to have an argument on the way to the motel because you haven't discussed boundaries before meeting-That is drama. And while that might be normal for you, we'd prefer you discuss such things before writing. If you show up drunk, stoned or otherwise incapicitated, please don't, just say you can't make it. If you agree to show up, show-up. Does this sound like a bitch session? Well it wasn't meant to be; Mea Culpa.

We are looking forward to more free time after this hectic month to relax, unwind and enjoy with some new friends.

Merry Christmas...Peace to you and yours. I know, nothing like using a site devoted to recreational sex for proclaiming the spirit of Christmas, but hey, we all have different sides to our lives; Even a cube has six sides.

barbiebunny 36F
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12/9/2005 12:16 pm

Welcome to the land of Blog!

Its good to be...ME

cool_cpl_4fun 52M/52F
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12/13/2005 2:47 pm

OMG - I'm SO glad I took the time to peek @your blog <wink>; you totally made my day (jeez, I almost sound like a cheesy highschool yearbook autograph -- "almost", of course, being the operative word here). It reminds me how much we miss you two excellent, sexy people since I moved soooo farrrr awayyyy (down here to where my honey is, as y'all know). It reminds me, too, just how freakin' ADORABLE you are, S! We've had such fun w/you guys - chattin' online in our smartass ways, gettin' silly @Harry's, & spending oh such delicious time together...<sigh>. I thought it'd be fun to "reply" to your blog since I'd never - ah - "blogged" before <blush>. Thank you for the smile. Great big hugs to you both. - K (&J)

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