Are you Sizzlean Saturday  

slodoublet 52M/54F
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7/26/2006 12:00 pm

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3/22/2008 9:23 am

Are you Sizzlean Saturday

Ahhh, Sizzlean, the famous bacon substitute of the 80's. Who can ever forget such a tempting taste treat? And who can imagine such a thing falling into obscurity? Hey wasn't it from Hormel? Makers of other such savory treats as SPAM. SPAM SPAM SPAM.

BTW forgot on the previous rant about preferring not to say, what the hell is up with 112 degree heat? Beautiful, just in time for the fair I suppose.

And lastly, actually this should be firstly since this was the point of this post...our puppy's impending arrival has been delayed due to a case of the poopies. You know we had this whole summer worked out down to the minute. Kids and 'life' have a way of doing that. Since we will not be out of town this weekend, we now have no plans for the weeeknd. Damn, so much for the best laid plans.

Looking for something to do? Last minute is always the best way to plan mischief and adventure. Well usually not. But I'll throw the bait out anyway and see what trolling for trouble gets. Bring your mischievious ideas, the winner will receive a slab o' Sizzlean. Factory fresh and sealed. Or not. As always, judges have final say on all entries.

tootsiedippin 53M/53F
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8/2/2006 6:12 pm

There is an ol' saying in hollywood about working with kids and animals...


No1Loses2008 57M  
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3/21/2008 11:52 pm

I hear tell Sizzlean made a comeback in building materials. Door shims if I'm not mistaken

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