Pulling Back Oz's curtain..  

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5/28/2006 2:53 pm

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6/5/2006 2:39 pm

Pulling Back Oz's curtain..

Many brilliant writers and philosophers have sought to explain the relationship a man has with his cock throughout the years.

There are simple truths that most men know, whether they admit it or not, but fail to make clear to their sexual partners.

First: No matter the size, the false pride or the level of sexual prowess ALL MEN are at times insecure about their cocks. You can argue the pint but no matter what the size there is always someone bigger and NO MAN wants to feel that he did not live up to the "last cock " that his gorgeous partner had inside her. True, most men will deny the fact...in many cases even put forth an enormous ego about how truly magnificent their cock is....but in the end our pride and joy can be our undoing.

What else on earth yields enough power to make a man throw it all away for none more nasty fuck with a one night stand. How else can you explain a happily married man risking it all to look into the eyes of a newly met fem while she takes his throbbing cock down her warm wet throat repeatedly?

Ahh yes my cock had made me happy many many times throughout my life but it has also led me into trouble repeatedly...cause me to risk it all to fill its insatiable appetite for new and tight pussy. The sports car industry relies on the insecurity of men to "overcompensate" for their shortcomings, women lie and say "size doesn't matter" to their husbands but lust after a 9" piece of throbbing hard cock late at night at their keyboards on sites like this.

The truth is men love their cocks; want what's best for their cocks and spend a lifetime trying to prove to each and every woman out in the world that their cock above all others is "just the right size".

As for me, my cock and will continue on in our relationship. I will continue to risk it all, to put my own welfare and security on the line, for one more chance to make my cock happy.

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5/28/2006 4:59 pm

And how many times do we have to tell you gents it is how you use it that impresses us more. I honestly don`t believe that any guy with 8,9, 10 inches or more really has very many doubts about his dick. I am truly happy with one that is average and no less in length, but DAYUM! give me one that is thick, thick, thick.... arm thickness and more, yes please and you will always get preference from me *giggle*

I`m obviously looking at the wrong guys as I haven`t had decent sex with a married man yet, only the single guys have been pleasing!

God luck on here, hope you don`t get caught..or maybe you enjoy that

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