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slightlyjadedone 50F
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8/7/2005 4:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

rambling angry thoughts

Well today is the kind of day that I just want to go off yell scream and drive away!! Far, Far away!! Why do people just continue to take other people for granted?? Continually thinking of others before the one's that are right next to them? Why do they think it is fine for them to be able to feel like they deserve to have the world but then do not even take 2 min's no 2 seconds to think of how the other person is feeling? Even when that other person has stated it over and over so that it is like a damn recording that all they have to do is push the freakin button to hear it!!! Why do I continue to give to try to even think of the slightest possibility that this person will ever even think that what and how they do things is wrong? That they "MIGHT" even think that if it wasn't for having had me in their life that they would "NEVER" be where they are right now. That if I didn't stand beside them and believe in them that they would still be back where they were when I met them? Why do they get to take the glory and I have to take the misery of being number ...ummmmm lets see...number 5 or 6 on there list? Do I cause it all myself? Do I continually not explain how I feel?? Oh no I do explain..I do say what I need ..what I would like to have ....and believe me I am not asking for the world all wrapped in gold all I am asking for is to be thought of perhaps occasionally ...to be loved the way every person should be loved...to be shown that you do love me..that without me you too would be lost..But noooooo the way it works is that you are replaceable in every aspect of life. That even in a marriage a friendship...or whatever you can be replaced...you may be remembered in a certain way but the fact is that you can and will replaced....you push ppl to their limits..to where they do not feel like they are that *special* person that you don't have enough common courtesy to acknowledge that person ...gawd I am just so freakin pissed off...

grumble2000 55M

8/8/2005 2:16 pm

Wow! Talk about a walk through naked nerve endings. That is the kind of pain that comes from being kicked directly in the scrotum (obviously, figuritivley speaking) over and over again while receiving the justification that it's your fault..."I was aiming for your chin and you moved...it's all YOUR fault!" I can tell you that it isn't you. Hell, I don't even know you but I can tell there's an inner warmth, a trust that only comes from being a good person. To be loved and respected is basic to all us, I think those who shun it have lost respect for themselves. As I read your thoughts I could hear them as if they were my own words, spoken with my own voice. I wanted to touch you and still the pain, to let you know you are not alone. I wish there was more I could do.

triag916 51M

8/9/2005 9:58 am

You are in charge of your own destiny. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Seems that you are on a one-way trip and its not your way. WAKE UP. <<<Not yelling, being stern>>> If you are the 5th or 6th on the list, time to change, and put YOURSELF on top the list. You can only take so much "kickin when were your down" each day.

One drop of good, in a sea of bad, isn't good - - for you, or others around you.

Just a thought

slightlyjadedone 50F

8/9/2005 6:51 pm

Thank you everyone!! Really thank you . It has just been a few days of bad for me...well really bad..the thoughts just consuming my mind causing massive headaches which I really do not like..well who does??? duh...that was stupid...off to lay my weary head...I will be back writing just as soon as the weather gives us a break and the pounding stops in my mind...Thank you for caring and responding to my ramblings..I really do appreciate it...D

likeableguy1964 52M

8/14/2005 8:58 pm

take a deep breath and put yourself first and then decide what you really want to do the first thing that pops in your head is usually the best thing to do after that you just try and rationalize things one way or another you will be suprised how different things can be on the other side of a big decision like that. and often better in ways you would never think possible good luck.

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