rainy days and mondays always make me WIERD  

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8/30/2005 2:53 pm

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rainy days and mondays always make me WIERD

I have spent some time contemplating many of things. Of course, I have stated over and over again that mind is just a cluster fuck of thoughts each one leading to another. Lets see...I believe that with each action there is a definet 2 way reaction. Meaning that if you make a choice that it could go two other ways. That is a theory that seems to be holding very true in every aspect of my life, as well as other people's lives. Please do not mind if I start to ramble from one thought to the other for I have not even pin pointed why I needed to post here today. I have been doing the " domestic goddess " thang and it just really drives me over the edge. Sometimes I am able to scoot off and write others I can slip away and talk to people, it really depends upon my timing and if I do follow through. Sorry, I am a sag and well lets just face it, I start things and wander off starting another. I really do not mean to it is just me. As for damn profile...GOOD GAWD...I guess I really need to go back and look at what I wrote. Trust me I am looking for sex isnt just about everyone that is here? and if they are not they are just sitting watching the going on's *winks* I think we all do that as well. Would be one of the main reasons I love writing in the blog. I get some emotions out and well isn't that just a blessing in itself? I have met so many nice people on here. REALLY...I mean okay it isnt face to face yet but I have to say my mind just spins with how different everyone is and everyones different opinions on things. Takes me some time to sit back and just soak it in. That would be why I disappear for a while *laughs* too many thoughts and being the true me I must really make sure I am sure about what I speak. That I do not make mistakes ....at least I hope I dont but gawd knows life is about making mistakes learning and going from there. wow just had another thought will save that for another post...* writes it down on her mental sticky out front* Here is a question for you all...do you really think it is possible to have a semi relationship...friendship...sex...fuck me friends..occassional meetings without getting attached?? I would really like to know your thoughts on this and I mean details as to why. I am a very deep person with thoughts that have not even touched this screen. Believe me people think I am so deep at times that they runaway. afraid that what I speak could be true. What ifs again...Gawd I hate rain with a full house....drives you BATTY!!!! I would rather be in a cabin in the woods alone or with just one running in the rain...going back to a small fire...but is the life I chose or did it choose me??? Am I where I am suppose to be? Are you where you should be? Did the world open a whole nother plain when the internet became available? the choices? The availability? What happen to charles and whats her name w/ half pint...laura...and damn nelly??? OMG I am off my rocker today...*laughs* well till i finish dinner...ponder those out there thoughts....thanks ...D

BadBob6369 54M

8/30/2005 8:03 pm

I like the Rush lyric about choices.....Even if you choose not to decide, you've still made a choice. Fuck with my head, why don't you? There is the right choice, the wrong choice and now, the no choice. Talk about a 3-way!

BadBob6369 54M

8/30/2005 8:08 pm

After reading the REST of your post, I think one can have sexual relations and NOT get emotionally attached. I am living proof of that!! HA!! Meaning, both of my 'ex's' liked to fuck, but never got 'emotionally' attached. It seems odd and twisted, but for me it has been the morn....I mean norm.

ambidext 48M

8/30/2005 8:34 pm

Holy crap, talk about train of thought....
do you really think it is possible to have a semi relationship... friendship... sex... fuck me friends... occassional meetings without getting attached??

No, but keep in mind that getting attached can mean alot of things.
Any relationship from the most platonic to the most physical, with every range of emotion or lack thereof to conincide with the sexual aspect, affects who you are. Every experience changes you. Every choice you make has a lasting effect. And you are attached from now until the day you die to that effect, because the effect becaomes part of you.

Attached in this light doesn't mean you can't remove yourself from re-experiencing that person again. One night stands can have a lasting impact on your life without meaning you ever again see the one-night-standee. Having one can clear your slate of old feelings for someone else, for example. Sex someone is the de facto best way to get over a past love for most people. You may not remember that one night stand's last namt years from now - you may not have ever even known that person's last name. But your slate was cleaned when your toes were curled, and for that reason, you will forever be attached to the closure you had with this person you released moments after, well, release.

jcsjcs11 55M

8/30/2005 8:38 pm

Can you be friends with benefits??? I think the answer is yes... because there are people who do it on this site all the time...

I think we know that the crucial question is can you do it??? Do you really want sex ... or do you want more... can you give sex and passion without throwing your whole self into it????

I think that is the question for you.. It doesn't matter what anybody else says.... the only pertinent answer for this question is your answer.... can you truly just fuck somebody??? or does it have to mean a little more for you to give your body to someone else???

I'd love to know the answer.

likeableguy1964 52M

8/30/2005 9:32 pm

ok i'll try to answaer that a little bit.

its usually imposible to know if you made the right choice when making a decision, of course there are different possible outcomes for every situation.you could go insane trying to figure out if you did the right thing.as you go along the road in life you are constantly making decisions and as you get older and more mature you like to think that your life experience helps you out. but i think that the best thing to do is to try and figure the best way to handle your next decision and not worry about the ones you made before we all make some great choices and we also make some fucked up ones its the bad ones that help us make better ones in the future. dont worry weather or not you life path chose you or if you chose it. look inside your soul (i still think its a good one) and use that for guidance and get advice from as many as you can. no matter how bleak you think things are you can make a choice to change it it is usually true that the best path is the more difficult one but only you can evaluate the risk vs. the beniffit.

as to your profile i will assume that either you are not getting the responces you thought you would or the people your getting them from aren't who you expected so thats somthing you need to figure out.
as for friends with beneffits i do believe you can have a succesful sexual relationship with a casual friend. its all in how you approach the relationship and how the ground rules are set there are all types of relationships whos to say that if you do have a long term purly physical relationship with a friend that you dont end up loving them in a different way, thats normal human behavior. if you truly wanted emotionless sex then you would go out and hire a hooker (or male escort) for sex whenever you wanted it and could afford it. just by weeding through all the e-mails and profiles you get you are trying to find someone who you can deal with emotionally as well as physically.but in the end in order for it to work you have to be honest with yourself and confident in what you are doing. you can be nervous or a little scared at the thought of actually meeting someone face to face and then taking off your clothes but if your going to feel completly guilty about it chances are it will fail miserably and you wont enjoy it at all. have you had an affair before? personally i have slept with one person since ive been married and i dont feel guilty atall because im not in love with my wife. as for the internet yes that has opened a whole new world to a lot of people. have you sent out your pic to anyone that you have chatted with? its nice and secure to sit here and chat behind a keyboard but to peek out from behind it takes a little daring in your mind well i hope iv'e given you somthing to ponder and look forward to your responce.

btw. alone in a cabin naked in the rain mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsounds incredible i.m all for it lol

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